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63 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Day | Easy Vegan Recipes | Episode 2 | The Edgy Veg

  1. I’ve tried your cauliflower recipe many times. And honestly everyone loves it. My family isn’t vegan, but we’re vegetarian and this recipe was AMAZING. We make it for movie night every Friday!

  2. Don’t know how I got here … but yup I’m glad I did.. this girl is nutts .. and I love love crazy people .. keep
    up the good work .. now Im hungry..

  3. you have diastema. mine is bigger than yours. you’re shinier than me. i’m more chocolate than you.

    how can you not eat steak and cheese? how can you not eat baked haddock? how can you not eat chicken soup? you anti-meat humans are very, very strange.

  4. Love….Love watching your cooking vegan show, Please continue to do more shows. Can you do something for teen pack to school, thank you

  5. I really wanted to go vegan but I changed my mind because it’s so complicated to make good vegan food but more importantly it’s way too fucking expensive, I’m not a damn millionaire

    1. Talking from being a college student who was a vegan throughout college (I still am now) and did three majors. Yes three two in the heavy sciences and one in fabrication and design. It is 100% possible and pretty dang easy. Watch cheap lazy vegan, brain turner, the vegan zombie, hot for food. You can make awesome meals in 10-15 mins. that range to be about $2-4 dollars a meal. If I could have done it, with my crazy schedule that I had. You can do it.

    2. you don’t have to buy all the special organic powder and sugar they buy, I’m in the same situation, In the morning I eat breafast cereals, for lunch I eat soy and pastas, and for dinner I eat bean and rice with some veggies.. I eat for 8 dollars a day. the only thing that I eat that is expensive is vegan milk, but if you don’t want to buy it then instead of cereal, just make vegan cake, freeze it, and eat two piece for breakfast. trust me you’ll actually become rich

    3. Z-Army well. I can tell you haven’t done very much research. Actually some of the cheapest staple foods are vegan and the majority of cheap staple foods are vegan….. it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

    1. La Rapha’cha La Rapha’cha she answered your question, hypothetical or not, and you rant and rant and keep ranting.. seems like you just wanted to blow off some old steam 😂 🤔🤔

    2. It was a hypothetical question; I was once vegetarian/vegan so I know the procedure from A-Z. However, I see many vegan veterans still using these MEAT terms. I’ve also seen the movement change over the years where vegans are terribly aggressive toward people who include meat in their diets. We are not MEAT EATERS which is what a lion and tiger is; instead we are humans who choose meat as one of many supplements in our diet, we are omnivores. One would think vegans would abhor anything pertaining to animal flesh, including language– Makes me wonder if vegans are not somehow secretly omnivores.

      As for milk, the word derives from and old english term meaning to squeeze, rub or pull, hence the action of extracting something, whether it be cow’s milk or bean juice. NTL soy milk is precisely that– soy that has been squeezed and pulled in some form to produce liquid.

      If the argument of vegans is that we all are naturally vegans, why would it be necessary to substitute these terms? Bean juice should make our mouth water . . . and so since it doesn’t and you have to psych yourself out you use more energy to convince yourself that you are naturally vegan instead of using vegan terminology.

      I’m not discouraging your path to peace on earth, which is what I believe veganism is all about. I encourage everyone to follow their heart, but be true to who you are. If eating animals is so disgusting and inhumane don’t use animal flesh terms to describe your food. Soy Drink sounds much more appetizing than bean juice, wouldn’t you agree?

    3. La Rapha’cha if you’re gradually trying to change an eating habit like going vegetarian or going vegan and you don’t go through the process of trying to mimic something that doesn’t fit the food restriction standard your body will flip out….. Eventually through trial-and-error and screwing around with the random stuff in your kitchen and add a grocery store you find out what you like. Cuddle up when they came up with the concept for soy milk….it’s not milk but it would be really weird if you called Bean Juice….

  6. Why did I laugh through the entire video?! But I take something from it! I’m vegan and this is great!

  7. I’m going to thumbs up your video just for your amazing transformation going from PJ’s to regular clothes lmao.

  8. So basically edgyveg like the Grace Helbig of vegans….. Or if Grace Helbig and the concept behind hot for food blog had a baby 😂😂😂…. love it.

  9. Where did you get that thing by your stove that looks like a spinning spice rack? seems like a great way to store various nuts, seeds and spices! 😀

  10. You make it so easy to hit that subscribe button because you are so entertaining.You would be great on SNL.

  11. I’m literally salivating. These look amazing! I really wanna try the vegan lifestyle, and this is so inspiring and makes me wanna do it! <3

  12. how in the F do you stay so SKINY (ughhhhhh bi#$h..
    j/k) are you an alien sent to us from the universe to make awesome vegan food recipes?!

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