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    1. +barats hughes If you’re speaking of Pearlesque, this was April’s box- I believe. As for Petit Vour it is March’s.

  1. I’ve been transitioning to all cruelty free products (slowly, but surely!), and this was super helpful. Girl, the PV beauty mist? The bomb. I use it in the mornings when I’m running late to school. I wash my face, I spray that thing on, put sunblock, mascara, a badass lip color, and out the door I go. I’m very oily during spring/summer, so the mist keeps me hydrated enough 🙂

  2. I love the Ellovi lip butters under lippies too! Manhattan looks amazing on you – it’s one of my personal faves 🙂

  3. Ahh your makeup, so beautiful! I love those Ellovi lip butters too, and uhhh the key lime is to die for! Great little collection of products here!

  4. you are so stunning – i love everything in this video – and im obsessed with that osea atmosphere protection cream!

    1. +icedalix I tried it and it smells great and feels great, but doesn’t really lather- so it’s one of those that is tricky for thick hair! Not bad at all though!

  5. This is great… Thanks for the information! I plan on buying from a few of these companies ASAP. 😉

  6. Thank you so much for this! I’m 14 years old and I have been vegan for 4 months and I’ve used up most of the makeup/fragrance products which I had before I became vegan. So I’m now only looking to purchase from brands which are cruelty free. This video was so helpful! Loved it 😊

  7. SO many amazing goodies! I’ve been wanting to give OSEA a try and I feel like I just need to take the leap and I wont be sad about it after watching this. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Does anyone know a vegan / cruelty free foundation which has the same lasting power and full coverage as the MAC foundation?

    1. +xoLoveLeti | Cruelty-Free Beauty I think I only did it twice so I think it is okay – not sure! Haha okay thank you very much! I will check it out! Thanks!

    2. +Eileeniep Hey love, if you comment the same thing on all of my videos it will be hidden as spam automatically- just a head’s up. I highly suggest the illuminare foundation! It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and offers many different formulas for oily or dry skin- as well as a full coverage one that works wonders and lasts a long long time.

  9. Do you know any cruelty-free vegan shampoo or some hair care to regrow hair or to just stop it from falling? I really fear of ending bald 🙁

    1. +Miss Dynamite Look into changing your diet! Some foods can cause it to happen, and a lack of other foods/proteins/etc as well. I love Acure & ShiKai shampoos!

  10. Hii! I’m an 19 years old portuguese and I have been searching so much abou veganism and one of my life goals is to be vegan! I already changed some things but its so hard because not a single person in my family is vegetarian or vegan 🙁 and im a law student so I dont work and dont have my own money.. can you make a video on how you started? and other of vegan or CF people you like/follow on the socialmedia, you are the only beauty vegan youtuber I know and I wanted more! sorry if this is too long or if you already did that 🙂 kisses and thanks for inspiring!!
    p.s people tell me youtubers you know please!!

    1. +Xanna Pavão Marcas para corpo CF só conheço a The Body Shop e a Dr. Organic que encontras no Celeiro e a Babaria que encontras nos supermercados. Produtos para cabelo uso os produtos de farmácia porque tenho um problema de seborreia + queda de cabelo e tanto quanto sei não são CF. Mas a Dr. Organics tem vários champoos. Nunca os testei dada a minha situação. Além disso a marca tem pasta de dentes vegan que eu uso e gosto. Também existe a marca Paul Mitchell para champoos e já ouvi falar bem neles. Procura o FB deles. Nas lojas Pluricosmética encontras a marca Novex da Embelleze que também não é testada em animais.

    2. +Alexandra Farinha exatoo! em Portugal é tão difícil encontrar essas coisas. Mas mais difícil ainda são os produtos de cabelo/corpo! Conheces marcas CF de champoo e essas coisas?
      Pois é, tenho visto! Que bom!! 🙂

    3. +Xanna Pavão Infelizmente não existem muitas youtubers a usarem marcas cruelty-free, só para não falar que em Portugal é difícil comprar esse tipo de produtos pois não há muita variedade. Recentemente a Carli Bybel tornou-se vegan e já fez tutoriais de maquilhagem usando produtos não testados em animais.

  11. i’m also from Brazil, thank you so much for what you’re doing. I’m a disaster when comes to make up, do you have any advice for me ?

  12. nossa! te acompanho há um tempinho e só agora descobri que também você é carioca????? que amorrrr <3 NUNCA ia suspeitar, juro.
    beijos, sua maravilhosa.

  13. We miss you Leti, hope everything is okay! Keep being awesome, and know that you encouraged so many peeps to go cruelty free, like me 🙂


  14. Hey girl, I know you’re channel is focused more on skin and makeup products that are vegan and cruelty-free but I was hoping maybe you can make more videos on what you cook and eat. I’m going to be a broke college student this fall so I was hoping you recommend things that are delicious but also cheap. I would really appreciate it! 🙂 I would look at other peoples channel but I just think you are so amazing and would want to support you with this. Thanks so much!

  15. Omg I am so excited that I found your channel !!!! I’ve been looking for a cruelty free beauty guru ! 💛

  16. Awesome video! I just discovered your channel. I’ve started my youtube channel about a month ago and I feature organic products on my channel. So far I’ve been doing organic makeup tutorials. You’ve got me curious about a lot of these products that I’ve never heard of. Will definitely be following your channel. You’re videos are helpful to me.

  17. Please let me know if you know of any organic brands that have bright and sparkly eyeshadow colors. 🙂

  18. Another Extremely well made Video! Congratulations! we like&sub:) hope you sub back:) Like # 264

  19. Hey i stumbled on ur channel i just wanna request if u can do a vid on cruelty free foundations. I’ve been looking for a good one

  20. Hi 🙂
    I remember you mentioning that you try not to purchase any plastic in a previous video.
    How are you doing with that? Could you please film a video taking about plastic alternatives, please. Also i am curious to know if you also avoid plastic when it comes to cosmetics and their packaging.
    Love you <3

    1. I’ve definitely been using a lot of reusable products/carrying my own totes etc. As for cosmetics, I try to recycle but the main thing is just being more of a minimalist and not purchasing as much. The things I’m sent I often gift 🙂

  21. ur channel is great ur one of the best vegan guides..but question for u… how come you never use josie maran makeup

    1. Thank you lovely! Josie Maran has a lot of non-vegan items, so I just never looked into it enough to try it. Nothing personal!

  22. Awesome video! Thank you from Montreal! I am going to buy some of these items after watching this.

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