56 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day – SPRING | HEALTHY VEGAN RECIPES

  1. I made these pancakes for breakfast and they are so yummy! My whole family enjoyed them with some fresh blueberries and strawberries and a drizzle of organic maple syrup. Yum! Thanks for the recipe!

  2. You all maybe will like this: the traditional Bulgarian shopska Salad ! its really tasty. You just cut some tomatoes and cucumber in a bowl. Then just as white cheese on top and some olives. it’s that simple and much better than ANY fancy salad with seeds and stuff… don’t get me wrong – I liked the video

    1. +McKessie Bright I know. So what about it ? 😁 you mean the cheese… I didn’t write it for her. It’s for the people reading my comment

  3. I never understood how to meal prep 😲 it’s supposed to keep it in the fridge and it’s still good after few days ?? thank you so much you’re so inspiring 😍

  4. I visit your channel so much I never realized I was not subscribed :/ well I’m subscribed now love you 🙂

  5. How do you make vegan pancakes to actually cook? Ever since I stopped using eggs they are raw inside whatever i do.

  6. I have just discovered your channel and it is very informative and simple. Great stuff, keep it up! ps You’re gorgeous.

  7. Everything looks so delicious!
    Also dried mango is the best to snack on! ♡
    Definitely will be checking out your containers, love the whole concept; you seem like such a wonderful person! 🙂

  8. PLEAAAAASE MORE of these “What I eat in a day” Videos!!!
    I love this Videos so much and this gives me so much inspiration.

    PS: Sorry for my Bad english i’m from germany 🙂

  9. I was wondering if you ever count calories? I have to eat a certain amount of calories everyday because I’ve been struggling with eating enough and I have anorexia. I really want to be vegan but I feel like it will be harder to get all of my calories in and I’ll have to eat a lot.

    1. Not if you eat it in moderation it’s only unhealthy if you eat more than suggested because it’s all fat

  10. Loved this! You videos are seriously so amazing! Everything looked delicious!
    Just posted a new “What I Ate Today” video on my channel & would be so appreciative if you checked it out! Thanks so much!!

  11. My mom used to make me eat quinoa when I was little, since I grew up in Peru. 🇵🇪 I’m still traumatized by it. 😂 I don’t think I will ever eat it voluntarily. I love beans, though.

  12. is there an alternative for the lemon water for people with ulcer?
    I’m not supposed to take lemon “any citrus for that matter” or pepper

  13. I’m a new subscriber and I’m extremely impressed with your content. I appreciate all of these recipes and I am so excited to try them out! I’m also definitely getting some of those lunch containers! Talk about lovely!

  14. You’re so small, yet eat so much. I eat a quarter of what you and I’m about 3 times as big. Haha I like your videos nonetheless.

  15. Hi! I loved loved loved this video, you explain everything amazingly and your voice is very soothing!. I subscribed to your channel because I was to start eating a lot more vegetable and a more vegetable based diet… baby steps right? I love your channel is very interesting and colorful. Sending a hug!

  16. Oh yum! I’ve never roasted mushrooms by themselves before but as I’m watching, I’m wondering why:) definitely going to do that for my salads. Thanks, great tip!

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