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    1. mine either 🙁 but I decided to use squash instead of potatoes and it worked perfectly. it even tasted the same even if not better!

  1. I can’t wait to try this! I don’t really like to add butter or heavy cream to mashed potatoes.

  2. This is a winner, i’m stripping at the moment so i’ve replaced potatoes with sweet potatoes, still great

  3. this looks so weird to me. I always just cook potatoes and then add some plant milk and vegan butter in the end. Why would you add carrots or onion? Is that an American thing? ^^

  4. this looks delicious. just wondering though what is the purpose of the oil? could i make this without the oil and have the same result? X

    1. +becca marie The oil is just for added flavour and creaminess but you could totally take it out.

  5. ugh YUM! I love adding in a bit of sage and dill, or even rosemary, or even all three haha yay herbs!

    1. You are different. You actually made these potatoes before you commented. Most commenters on these food videos don;t actually cook the recipe, they just say how good it looks. Those comments are useless to me although they probably are encouraging to the blogger. But I like to read comments by people who actually make the recipe to see what they thought about it. Thank you for the comment.

  6. this looks yummy! I’m going to add roasted corn, I’m so excited to try this… thanks for the recipe!

  7. i love your videos so much!! I’ve been trying really hard to eat healthy and these make it so much easier!!!

  8. looking good. i wanna try this at home. one question though. it is better to put them in a blender?

    1. Most people put butter and milk or cream in their mashed potatoes which makes it non-vegan

    1. No you absolutely do not gain weight with potatoes. Carbs and calories are essential, it’s the fat that makes you gain weight. This is why a vegan diet is the absolute best for you. Check out the starch solution. I’m on it, and I eat starches all day. I’ve lost 10-15 pounds just cutting out all the nasty animal products, and my mom has already lost 5 pounds in a week on the starch solution. You eat all you want and you feel so satisfied.

    2. i donot think so bcos the carbs in the potatos r good for u and i donot think there is any vegan recipe that makes u fat

    3. I would assume so, but maybe replacing them with sweet potatoes might really bring down the calories.

    1. Hey, just so you know, you can always try it, but it’ll form a weird gummy consistency if you overmix it, so hand blending then immersion bleeding is safest

  9. Found your channel and going through your recipes so sorry for the late comment 🙂 Could you freeze these and re-heat to last longer and have a quick side option? We have just moved me three year old son off dairy and wheat but with both my husband and I working full time it is so time consuming to make and prep all of his food 🙂

  10. Wow this looks delicious I’m going to try this tonight. And it also looks like it’s good for babies as well

  11. Oooo I made this! It is soooo good!!!! and I added nutritional yeast tho:) Thank you for this wonderful recipe and beautiful video 🙂

    1. Mia Kaylie Wondering the same. I am guessing they would be fine, I do oil free stir fry and french fries and they turn out fine. Why does everybody have to use oil, its empty calories!

  12. can i just throw it in the blender instead of mashing it with a potato masher?? i dont have one:(

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