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55 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Day | Easy Vegan Recipes | Episode 3 | The Edgy Veg

  1. One of my subscribers told me to check out your channel and I’m so glad they did! Can’t believe I hadn’t found it yet!! Love your videos 🙂

  2. can you show more salty breakfast recipes? I’ve been having overnight oats with chia, flax, and fruit but i really don’t have much of a sweet tooth, especially in the morning, so i need some better salty breakfast recipes to replace eggs and toast!

  3. Just found your Chanel I love it! You make some seriously good food! And u deep fry veg I mean what’s not to love about that! 😂

  4. I’m so glad you did a recipe for the patties! I’m recently turned vegan and also Jamaican so I’ve been missing them a lot, thank you 😀

  5. I love the what I eat in a day videos but links to the general recipes would be awesome, even if it’s not exact amounts. For example the dressing recipe in this one would be great!

  6. liking and subscribing JUST for that opening line !! naah kidding for the meal ideas as well 😀

  7. ¡Hola!
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  8. You guys shouldn’t dress exactly the same so people would be even more confuse😝❤️

  9. OMG I love Jamaican patties, just try your recipe 🙂

  10. I love these videos so much. This is how I found your videos. And I love your personality ☺️

  11. Aww, you seemed in a not so good mood in the beginning :(. I don’t blame you though considering your first meal was at like 12. I always get cranky when I’m hungry. Your the the one who showed me the tofu “egg” scramble and I am in love with it. It’s so good with spinach, zucchini, and some vegan cheese. You’ve also inspired me to be a more free vegan. I used to eat more of a 80/10/10 vegan diet. But now I’m eating a more balanced vegan approach and I really enjoy it better. Your videos are perfection.

    1. +eiliyana torres omg, when I don’t eat- I get sooooooo grumpy. It’s horrible– I should just have scrambled tofu eggs injected via IV as soon as I arise hahha. Thank you for sharing your journey with me! I am SO happy to have inspired you to be free. <3

  12. This is the second video I’ve seen of this women and I’m in love. Another vegan thats not crazy health conscious and Jamaican beed patties, subbing right now.

  13. This is probably stupid, but is coriander cilantro? The only time I see it in the states is in the spice section..but you and some youtubers I follow in Europe/Australia say coriander all the time? #uglyamerican #sorrrrryyyy

    1. LMAO YES 😂 coriander the spice you see is cilantro seeds, the “coriander” that you see European use is cilantro. Lol I know the struggle of this question 😂😂

    2. I don’t know what part of the u.s you live in but in California it’s by the other veggies like lettuce b

  14. I just wanted to let you know that your videos have helped me immensely. I have a very difficult relationship with food, mostly due to depression/anxiety. You are sometimes a very bright light in an awful day. Thank you so so much, Candice. Keep doing what you do because I’m sure there are more people that get a giggle out of your silliness and a smile from your food <3

  15. Ahahaha I don’t know why, but you just talking while holding the Jamaican patty at 4:55 made me laugh out lout

  16. I don’t think getting all fake stuff that’s vegan and using it for everything should be considered being vegan cause if you can’t go without meat cheese and eggs why go vegan? I get like for animals but if your gonna do that go vegitarian not vegan because all that fake stuff has less benefits if your making meals out of them at least that’s my point of view so pls no hate just my opinion but do whatever you want.

    1. Most people don’t decide to go vegan because they don’t like the taste of animal products, but because they realize it’s more important to not cause animal suffering than your palate. So I think it’s perfectly reasonable to mimic those flavors you used to enjoy.

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