EASY VEGAN RECIPE: CREAMY GREEN CURRY PASTA (Collab with Edgy Veg) ♥ Cheap Lazy Vegan

72 thoughts on “EASY VEGAN RECIPE: CREAMY GREEN CURRY PASTA (Collab with Edgy Veg) ♥ Cheap Lazy Vegan

  1. actually about a year and half ago,i remember googling “how to cook pasta”,don’t be surprised if some didn’t know xDDDDDD

    1. +MsLindsVlog yup, Jenny Mustard has a green curry paste recipe either on youtube or on her blog!

  2. I come from the edgy veg channel and your channel was a wonderful discovery !! Love your creation ❤️

  3. I dont get why you would always mix curry or hummus with pasta. Is this a real thing I just have nether heard of?

    1. +brandyandwhiskerslol see… thats what I mean. 
      Why not have rice with curry or at least sthg similar? 😀 
      But I mean, if you wanna try out new stuff just go for it

    2. well everyone has their own tastes 😛 I never tried curry probably use it on rice instead! and italian sauces are awesome you can never go wrong with a nice pesto! 

    3. +brandyandwhiskerslol true but I just find the idea of curry and pasta just nasty. 
      Dunno… I guess Im just a little oldschool with my italien sauces 😀

    4. +Justus.Rudolf.Films why not? you can literally mix anything you want with pasta lol! it doesnt have to be a thing you can just be creative and put whatever you think might taste good on it! you might get surprised on how well some things work 🙂

  4. Thanks for this recipe! I’m always eyeing the thai pastes but then ending up not buying it because i had no clue what to even make with it hahah! next time i go for my monthly shopping ill be sure to grab one and try ittt 🙂

    1. +brandyandwhiskerslol Be sure to read the ingredients because I’ve seen some with fish sauce in it.

  5. I made this for dinner tonight. It was yummy, I added capsicum. Made a few mistakes but it was yummy and chickpeas are delicious! I’m a 15 year old wanting to go vegan after to failed attempts at going vegetarian a while back. My parents said I can eat what I want (healthy of course) if I’m cooking and preparing it. I’m not sure how to go about all the vitamins and nutrients and stuff, but I’m going to start cooking my own meals when I can 🙂 any advice?

    1. +MyLife If it helps, follow Dr.Greger’s daily dozen. i used to just only eat tofu and not enough vegetables and got sick easily. But after incorporating the daily dozen into my life (for most days, some days i eat whatever i want haha) i don’t get the common cold and stuff. oh and take vitamin b12 supplements and omega-3 supplements. good luck on your vegan journey!

    2. +MyLife One of my favorite vegan recipe youtube channels (besides this one) is The Vegan Corner. One quick recipe I make a lot is Mexican rice. Just put rice & water in pan (I do 1 c rice & 2 c water) with a can of chopped tomatoes, 1 c frozen corn, 1/2 chopped onion, seasonings to taste: cumin, chili powder, garlic powder. If you like it hot add some peppers or hot sauce. Bring to boil then reduce heat and simmer until rice is done and liquid absorbed.

  6. I didn’t realize you were Canadian! I was already subscribed to you but I was watching the Edgy Veg and she mentioned it too! I loveee finding other Canadians on YouTube, such a treat!

  7. This looks so delicious! I never would have thought to combine pasta and curry but I will definitely try it!

  8. Not to doubt you at all, but I thought all green curry pastes were non vegan cos they use fish sauce and stuff? Does this mean you can buy vegan ones in supermarkets?? Which is exciting :))

  9. Oh my gosh. Mash up of two of my ultimate favourite meals! I never would have thought about doing this. Thank you so much for the great recipe idea!!!

  10. This looks so amazing it made me superhungry just to watch it. Will try to cook it tomorrow. Thank you for recipe.

  11. omygosh!! I can’t wait to try it. I just found you and absolutely love your channel!!! I’m doing a lot of research on veganism because I’ve heard so many positive things about it and I’m so tired of been tired, overweight, and just feeling blah altogether. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful recipes and tips! your voice is super soothing too! 😁

  12. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 Made this with a lot more vegetables and stirfried it all, so currypaste and cocosmilk first, then veggies, cooking the pasta aside and adding that later to the frypan, it was super nice!

  13. This channel has caused do much saddened and devastation to do many people. Do you realize this vegan cult brainwashing is a form of domestic terrorism. I’m petitioning YouTube to disable the entire channel as domestic terrorism based upon inciting violence s
    against meat eaters.

  14. Hi Rose, thanks for this lovely recipe 🙂 I’m literally just making this for dinner right now 😀 had to substitute the silken tofu/ soy milk for coconut milk because I didn’t have silken tofu at hand but I hope it’ll still work out fine. Yours definitely looks delicious <3

  15. Oh, noes! I wanted to do this one but insted went to the list of ingredients of the Green noodles…. Would it be good to mix the sauce from that recipe with the pasta and chickpeas?

  16. Mmm! Totally going to make this! I’m pretty sure my meat eating brother would love this.

  17. does it give that body odor? the curry? because I can”t stand that odor from others so I don’t want it coming from me. It looks delicious this recipe

  18. Do you check the ingredients of the curry paste? Every curry paste I’ve seen has shrimp or something in it, I haven’t had curry in two years T_T

  19. The sound during the intro is so offputting I skipped to Edgy Veg’s video and watched it first. But I love both you guys! Just GOD PLEASE don’t put such a nasty fucking sound at the beginning of a food video lololol

  20. thanks for dinner! I’m really loving the cheap and simple angle because a lot of chefs put recipes out that take ages to prep, with many steps, like most people have hours to be cooking dinner on an average night lol.

    So thanks for keeping it real!

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