61 thoughts on “HIGH Protein Vegan Recipes – Vegan Athlete Case Study

  1. I know you said I can email you with qts. but I can’t find your email. I am a vegan female bodybuilder. I would like to hear some more of your ideas on the meals. Thank you, kim kimruger@yahoo.com

  2. Very good video..Quick question..Does any of these recipes have soy in them??? Those males of us who are more senior…are advised to avoid it due to possible estrogen effects…

    1. Spook Freeman hey man, there is nothing wrong with soy. So it’s great for you and the estrogen in it has no effects in it. It is a natural occurring estrogen, so just get non-gmo soy and you are good!:)

  3. not sure if u mentioned it but have you tried the sofrita from chipotle? it’s their tofu and it’s delicious

    1. Eating soy products two or three times a week will not do anything but taking soy isolate everyday will have slight hormonal effects

  4. FANTASTIC video I needed some ideas for high protein vegan meals that are simple cause I got midterms ever damn week thanks!!!

  5. Awesome vid. Kudos to you. Vegan for 5 years here and a newbie in bodybuilding for 2 yrs now. Compassion is strenght! Keep up the good work and keep spreading veganism.

  6. Walmart brand sauces are also usually plant based. The thousand island is vegan I usually shop groceries st Whole Foods and condiments at Walmart

  7. I went vegan October 30th, down 15 pounds already. Eating clean most days, run 10-12 miles a week. Ran 6.25 miles in 62 minutes the other day, which is a personal best for me. Still drinking beer, and eating Doritos on the weekend, but you gotta treat your self once in a while. It also amazes me, how many people, still think vegans are protein deprived, scrawny ass hippies. People need to pay closer to attention to the nutrition info on food labels. Nice video man, Im gonna have to try some of those meals some time soon.

  8. You should look into Nutribiotic Brown Rice Protein. It’s the best one I’ve ever come across. only 3 ingredients (sprouted brown rice, rice protein, and vanilla flavoring) and it’s 12g Pro per 1 tbs. I usually use 3Tbs at one time for a total intake of 36g pro

  9. the thing I love about this video is you kept the meals simple. Idk about everyone else… but if my diet isn’t simple…it doesn’t last long at all! great vid!

  10. These vegan cookies are the best to treat yourself after a killer workout loaded with 16g of protein the best of the best

  11. The only way to make the beyond chicken taste good is to season it. If not it tastes like shit like real meat would

  12. I wish we could come up with a better definition of what a High Protein meal is. To me, this isnt high protein. Its high calories that has protein in it. This meal has A LOT of protein but is not high protein. Only 25% of the calories comes from protein. How can that be called high proein? Maybe high calories with protein good for a body builder but not great for the average person. High protein would be 50-80% of calories coming from protein.

    1. Right, so Its ?high? protein for what this guy thinks his marcos are. Which, Im not disagreeing serves him well. Thats fine but its not a high protein meal in general. My original point was that we need a better definition of high protein meal. I dont think that this meal plan would be a good high protein meal plan for someone not burning a lot of calories off. IE, bodybuilding.

    2. Its high protein because it meets his !macros. The meal is 25% protein and your daily protein macros should be about 25% also so yeah they are high protein meals.

  13. HOLY shit, check that ingredients list on that fake meat, that shit is more advanced than a bottle of shampoo.
    I guess you went vegan cos you care about animals… but a lab cake hmm i might think twice about that shit.

    Half the shit that is extrakted in this super awesome awerness fake meat cake, is extracted using hexan and other hard chems most regularly….

    1. Intello gardein beefless crumbles ingredients are- water, soy protein concentrate, expeller pressed canola oil, organic cane sugar, caramel color, yeast extract, sea salt, onion powder, garlic powder, natural flavors (from plant sources), spices. Doesn’t sound like a chemistry set or a shampoo bottle to me lol

  14. Gardein has really great vegan chick’n products! Also if you’re wanting to add a ton of protein without a lot of calories you should try Textured Vegetable Protein or TVP it is really high in protein and has no fat so the cals are quite low 🙂 It has a texture similar to ground beef but it’s flavourless so definitely do it with sauce or spices its also the easiest thing to make because you just add boiling water and let it sit for about 5 mins until its all absorbed

  15. Hi! Thanks so much for this video! As an athlete myself, it’s so difficult to transition to vegan MENTALLY. I personally love plant based food way more than meat. So that’s not the hard part for me haha. The hard part is knowing I’m getting the macros that have worked for me before! For example, it’s hard to get the protein without all the carbs.. I also don’t like meat substitutes. I do the Vega protein and greens too (totally agree with you!!!! So efficiently priced) but I rather eat plant based foods. What is your take on the higher carb intake especially for women?

    1. By the way, I’ve been doing it for about 3 months now, but not on the weekend and the holidays I also ate meat. So I feel like I can’t really tell much difference since I wasn’t working to change my body at the time(besides the way I feel). But now I’m changing my workout program and def need some mental guidance for this vegan transition haha

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