64 thoughts on “DAY IN MY LIFE • Groceries, Thrifting, Delicious VEGAN Food

  1. What breed is your dog? She is beautiful! I want to convince my boyfriend to get one like her!

    1. +Caitlin Shoemaker I thought she was your parents, thank you she’s beautiful ☺️ loved your video as well btw (as always) xx

    2. She’s my parents! We adopted her from a local animal rescue center when she was a little puppy…we think she’s a mix between a lab and a boxer but we aren’t 100% sure!

  2. Omg i miss your everyday videosss and I scream when I see you on the notificationnn :)))

  3. you are moving to miami!!!! i live near miami!! please tell me we can be friends and meet up and eat vegan food together?! this will make my life.

  4. It must be so exciting to be able to move homes! I’ve literally lived in the same house for 21 years 😂

    1. +melonrouge yeah in the US it’s actually a lot less common for kids to stay with their parents that long I think! I studied abroad in Argentina and kids stayed with their parents much longer too because rent prices were so high. It’s always interesting to compare different cultures!

    2. +Caitlin Shoemaker Oh wow! Over here, most people stay at home until late 20s. But my mom’s extra clingy, so i’m probs going to be here forevs! 😂👪

    3. Ah that was me for 18 years until I went to college! It’s always nice to be able to come back to my childhood house every once in a while though 🙂

  5. love your videos! I am also vegan and thinking about to start with youtube:)
    if you like you can visit my Instagram: _lauravel_

    xoxo Laura

  6. You are going to love living in Miami! I’m in Orlando and couldn’t love Florida more! 🙂

  7. What’s the restaurant in Maryland called? I’m in Maryland a lot with my boyfriend and I’d love to try a vegan place!

  8. I have little fork like that one! It’s so cute and I eat my oats and banana icecream with it all the time :D:D

  9. I’m literally obsessed with your channel!💗 I came across it yesterday and it’s all I’ve been watching since!

  10. I’m not even vegan, and I’m eating spaghetti right now, but your videos are very intriguing and interesting!

  11. you’re from maryland? that’s awesome! me too 🙂 i just went vegan btw and your videos have helped a ton

  12. Where did you get that cute wooden bowl that you always put smoothies in? I want one!😍👍🏼

  13. The next step to having a more vegan consciousness is definitely to look at the zero waste lifestyle. Buying less plastic , buying in bulk- and talking about how thrifting is so much better for the environment!

  14. Was that a blueberry smoothie bowl orrrr? I’ve been converting to vegan with my 1 year old (harder than I thought) and your channel has help me a lot and keeps us on the right track. 😉

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