7 thoughts on “What I Eat In a Day at Work | EASY & Healthy Meals

  1. How can you call yogurt/ dairy healthy? Wtf ?! Dint pretend you know anything about health lol

    1. @Abbey W well we’ve done it most of our lives eating animal products so I don’t think anything will change. U guys do ur own thing and realise that not everyone wants that life. My doctor has talked alot about diets and what’s healthy and not and I’ve been to multiple eating classes and dieticians too and none said animal products were bad now I get that if every meal u eat has animal products then of course it’s unhealthy but it there is a healthy balance then I don’t see anything wrong. Even u growing up u ate animal products so ur pretty much talking about ur self too.

    2. +Lesley Ruelas there are compounds found solely in animal products, so there are ways in which vegans are way healthier but they also lack some things people who eat meat have!

      A person who eats animal products and meats can be healthy- whereas there are some organic materials only available through animal exploitation that only humans and animals can produce, and can only be absorbed by ingestion(-:

      Hope this helps this disagreement(-:

    3. @Lara Bertin I know this is an old post but…. monoculture is a huuuge environmental problem we face. If everyone just went vegan, our lands would still face detrimental effects, land wasnt meant to just have one thing growing on it at a time, but that’s how everyone grows their food. … But, since you (were) on here being all holier than though (like I am), then I am assuming that not only do you not eat meat… but you shouldn’t have a car, you shouldn’t have any brand name products OR any plastic materials, your house should be made of straw, you should not mow your lawn, and I’m also sure you buy only locally made products as well! Were all here trying to make baby steps to do what we think is right for the world, and only just recently are we even finding out that we’ve been doing it wrong this whole time! So cut people some slack … this is for any extremist community that points the fingers, myself included.

  2. I truly enjoyed your video. Planning meals for work are pretty easy for me as I work in a setting like yours. We have a kitchen with an toaster oven (I try not use microwaves when at all possible. So I look to bring cold lunches more often. I use channels like yours to get ideas and recipes. I love a variety of foods, so long as they are healthy. I am simply on a journey to live a more healthier and happier life style. I am not vegan but make vegan recipes all of the time. I pretty much eat a vegetarian plan 5 days out of the week and I will have fish or chicken 2 days out of thw week. I am loosing weight just fine and I couldn’t be happier. I have learned to be happy with my decisions and take what others tell me as suggestions not demands or put downs because I am on a mission to peace and good health. Ignore the negativity and focus on the positive. 🙂 This is my life not theirs. I am a new subbie. I love your channel. I am so elated to have found such a wonderful and healthy place on youtube. wishing great success. 🙂 Be a great day. Xoxo

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