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  1. Just canceled my allure beauty box and ipsy glambag subscriptions. I was going to anyway because I’m transitioning all products to Vegan and cruelty free, but I knew I would miss getting presents every month. Thanks so much for this video! I just signed up!

    1. +Molly Mae Beauty I am not sure but I think she mentionned the brands on her summer clothes capsule video. ^^

  2. Be sure the nail polish doesn’t contain hormone disrupters. That’s important as well. Love all of your videos!!!

  3. I love this video! I hate that you feel you need to leave a disclaimer about your neck or anything else! You are such a beautiful lady inside and out.

  4. I’ve just order the Vegan cuts snack box for my family to try. My husband is always looking for alternative snacks. Not that they are all necessarily “healthier” but they’re vegan and I’m trying to make a change for the better. Thanks again Christine for enlightening us.

  5. I hope you do a follow up and let us know which of the products you thought were hit or miss for you. A friend of mine has been getting the vegan box for about a year now. She loves it. Don’t they have a good box as well.

  6. I don’t know how you tube chooses the ads that play in the beginning but I wish they would stop posting people cooking meat to the beginning of Vegan videos. Anyone else see those ads??

  7. Hey, I tried checking their website but I couldn’t find any shipping information. Would you happen to know if they ship to the UK?

    1. They can! The Cheap Lazy Vegan did a video on her box (she got the food version) and she lives in London.

  8. Can you please do a video on natural sunscreens? PS love you! Can’t wait to see your adventures in Arizona 🙂

    1. +Madeline Marie vegan and natural sunscreens would be a great video, and hypo allergenic ones too – my mother’s allergic to everything i think!

  9. would love to see you do a full face of make up with all your new vegan make up loved the look of them in your other video would love to see them applied!

  10. I’ve read that organic sunscreen is actually not that effective and that it doesn’t/can’t protect as well as normal sunscreen. Anyone have further information or knowledge on this area?
    I’m hot on always slapping on the 50+ to prevent sun damage but would like to try out more earth friendly products

  11. Christine I love your videos and your philosophy of going vegan and cruelty free. But after looking up just one of these products, I could see it was riddled with chemicals. I know from your previous videos that you are concerned about that too…… So please don’t encourage the purchase of a product on the sole basis that it is vegan/cruelty free. I wasn’t going to comment, but so many people ( as do I) look to you for advise.

  12. I would have never noticed or thought twice about your neck if you wouldnt have mentioned it, it’s mostly covered up by your hair for goodness sakes girl!

    1. +Libby Uh.. Where exactly on this video, did she ever mention her neck?  I watched it twice.. and I have an amazing, uncanny, almost genius like ability to hear the word “NECK”  lol.. Or is your comment a response to someone else’s comment about their Neck?  Or is your comment on this video in response to another video on this channel where she mentions her neck.. NECK..  ..JUST WHAT. ?   For goodness sakes girl.   WHERE. WHEN.. On this video is the word NECK.?   However, When she talks about the squirrels that was super cute, don’t you think?

  13. Hey Christine! I’ve been obsessing over your videos for weeks since I’ve discovered you! I love everything you stand for and I just wanted to let you know that I mentioned you in my latest favorites video 🙂 Much peace and love!

  14. I’ve been watching your channel for a awhile now and don’t usually comment. Just wanted to say that your content is wonderful and you seem like a lovely person. Keep up the great work!

  15. Hi Christine 😀 I’ve followed you for quite a while now.i love that you have always been consistent. Plus your neck don’t look skinny you look healthy .love all you do wish& i could buy your jewellery in England it’s so beautiful.love your diys love your capsule wardrobes.looking for crystals ect ect.thanks for sharing hugs from Susie & family in the uk🙏🏻🇬🇧😇

  16. I tried a few boxes but mostly ended up giving things away. Most of the make up samples were not my color or type. Love these types of boxes to try new brands but they aren’t geared to your specific likes so many things you can’t use.

  17. YOU MUST try the Benevolent Beauty Box! I did a video on the box recently and it had amazing products! They now offer a smaller box for half the price. I was subbed to Vegan Cuts a while back and loved the products. I’d be interested in seeing how it’s changed since. Great video, as always.

    1. +Brianna C. I agree that it could be more naturally friendly. I, for one, prefer natural makeup. But for people who don’t care, and there are a lot, it’s a great box.

    2. I was disappointed in that box. I got the first box and one of the products had parabens in it, which is one of the most toxic chemicals there is. That really bummed me out and I canceled my subscription. Just my friendly 2 cents.

  18. Seems like they have put some thought in to the ingredients. Really different and natural.

  19. i love the nail polish cover, i’m a pink girl but i love hardly any pinks, that one’s perfect!

  20. you have inspired me to transition to the vegan lifestyle and I am so grateful to have found your channel! Its a big change for me as I am from Texas and a meat is a big deal but I think I even have my hubby on board to try with me!

  21. Aloha beautiful Christine! On the Big Island now, coming your way to Maui in a few days and I am currently testing out the Goddess Garden Sunscreen Baby in SPF30: WHITE CAST ALERT!!! You got me unto the Andalou SPF30 BBCream, and I love it’s slight white cancelling tint, which makes me think you won’t like this GG one… It starts off slippery, then gets sooo sticky and ghostly… Ugh! No go! Same for the Alba SPF 30 (blue tube), the Green Beaver Active (orange tube) and the Boo sunscreen in SPF40 (yellow tube)… Onto Vita Liberata next! 😛 Hope this helps! Crossing fingers we’ll bump into each other on Keawakapu or in Paia… 😉 Who knows!? Vx

  22. A great natural beach sunscreen that also isn’t harmful to the oceans is the thinkbaby brand!! ewg.org has a huge list of other ocean-safe and natural sunscreens for those summer beach trips:) better for you and much better for the ocean and its reefs🤗

  23. I just wanted to ask if you’re still using the same hair maintenance routine with the Ion 8A?

  24. Awesome unboxing – I used to get this box, sort of make we want to subscribe again

  25. I’ve been subscribed for four or five months now and I am absolutely in love with #VeganCutsBeauty I really wasn’t sure after my first box I think my first box was the one after this one? The more I used everything and figured out how to use it I am just obsessed. ✌🏼️💛🌼

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