1. I’m so jealous, you have so many shops with vegan food around you , and that ice cream ? Oh my God! <3

  2. you’re honestly so pretty!! you look so healthy and your skin is glowing !!! I just became vegan about a month ago or so and i’m so excited to see results and to help the planet :))))

  3. hi tess.. i love ur vids n ur insta pics!! I really dnt mean to be nosy or offensive, im just pretty curious.. but y do u only show ur bf, jonah in the vids? like u dnt show anybody else, maybe other vegan girls? Do u meet up with other vegan girls.. or guys?

    1. Not really, I have heaps of friends I just don’t get around to hanging out and when I do I just either not filming that day as I rather focus on spending time or forget to!!

  4. Ahh you’re so perfect ! That ocean water looks so nice it’s so shit here in LA our water is not the clearest πŸ™ lmao

  5. Looks like a beautiful day <3 I want to move to Sydney so bad. I love the editing of this video

  6. I have been going down the same path as you did. And I am vegetarian currently but my family is not willing to go vegan. And we are on a huge budget, what do I do??!! I want nothing more than to be vegan but it is hard to find time to cook with school and budget

    1. What are you eating that’s making it a vegetarian diet rather than vegan? A great start would be just to incorporate some vegan meals! I love eating just cooked sweet potato, I have 1-2 and then put them with white rice, mesclun mix and sriracha, sometimes with avo as well, and it’s amazing!! Cheap and you can cook the sweet potatoes in bulk :). Basic dishes like big bowls of pasta (I’ve seen dry packets as cheap as 65c!) and then chucking some basic passata with it that you can either make yourself, or grab some pre made for around ~2. Super cheap and goes a long way πŸ™‚ dhal is another good one that’s easy to make but just requires you to buy a few spices etc, bonnyrebecca has an amazing hclf recipe! Good luck! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  7. you look super young!! do you mind me asking how you afford all the fresh fruit and your high power blender?? do you work or anything?

  8. I LOVE your videos. Could you do a vegan makeup video? I know you don’t where much makeup but I would love to see what you look like with it and what products you use. x

    1. Thank you!!!! I’ve never worn makeup myself (besides once for a photo shoot which was horrible) and I don’t own any make up or buy any. I honestly hate it so much and find it pointless. I prefer natural and my face just the way it is 😊

  9. omg that mountain bread.. i laugh everytime !!!! its so not handy but so good tho !! ahhahah

  10. You know how you mentioned you didn’t go to uni because it just wasn’t for you? I feel the exact same way, I’m in junior year in high school and idk what i want to do in the future. i know education gives you a job and money and shit but idk going to uni doesn’t interest me. But idk what i would do.. what exactly do you do? B/c having a similar lifestyle to is so appealing!

  11. that breakfast looked soo good! I love bananas but dislike banana flavored things (sadly) anyone know how to disguise the taste?

    1. you can use frozen bananas to get the really creamy base but then add other fruits and flavors to change the taste

  12. Your body is on point!! And the video too of course! Please do more advice/Q&A videos <3 And maybe some recipes?? πŸ˜€

  13. You’re so vibrant ❀️ I love these type of videos! Food and vlog but not too long, just perfect!

  14. New subbie! Love your vids! And I miss Bondai Beach, I’ve only visited Australia once

  15. 1:43 i thought it was my dog barking and when i went to check on him he was sleeping,jesus christ i got so scared

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