54 thoughts on “EASY + HEALTHY DINNER IDEAS • Vegan Recipes • Lisa Lorles

  1. fried rice. its been awhile. haha. the mashed potatoe quesa is new and looks delish. gotta try once i get veggies again.

  2. omg thank you for your wonderful recipes, they look great. Im not vegan or anything but I’m trying to start a vegetarian lifestyle.
    By the way I hope you feel better, I can hear it in your voice. Take care: )

  3. ok so im lactose and tolerent. this cheese i keep hearing you talk about, non dairy it will not hurt me right?

    1. Iezjahday Coles it should be fine for lactose intolerant people since it doesn’t have any animal milk 🙂

  4. Omg that last one is PERFECT for me! I’m a vegetarian (wanna be vegan) and I’m low on iron, I need spinach and broccoli!! I’ll just have that dish with some vitamin C!! Thank you so much

  5. I normally hate Daiya but I tried the broccoli pasta with the pepperjack style instead of mozzarella and it was SO GOOD. New favourite dinner! Thank you!!

  6. The quesadillas were so good! I lived off these before I went vegan and these really taste so similar to real cheese because of the potatoes. I added zucchini, mushrooms, and red pepper and it was really good. 🙂

  7. These all look so good! But here in Australia it’s nearly impossible to find any vegan butter or cheese 🙁

  8. I made the potato quesadillas they are so good I added little bit of paprika, salt & pepper , they turned out amazing 😻 I’ll do more of your recipes girl !

    1. Molly Barnett she’s vegan. And she can’t have dairy products. And this video is directed to the vegan community.

  9. Hey Lisa! Thanks for the recipes, I just tried the noodles with spinach and broccoli and skipped the blending part. It was really tasty 🙂 Love from Germany <3
    P.S. I"ll try the other recipes in the upcoming days 😉

  10. im not completely vegan but i did the broccoli spinich cheese pasta as soon as i saw this  and it was delliiissshhhh…i have a great liking for spices in my dishes so i added some pepper to it and later i mixed some parsley leaves into it.Thank you so much for sharing this recipe i will surely be making it again 🙂

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