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  1. Ah this is so exciting! I love your blogs but I’ve been vegan (and an athlete) for a while so it will be great to have your perspective too! I love Holly Brown on YouTube for some vegan recipes, and the blog Simply Quinoa has some awesome recipes- so does Chocolate Covered Katie! and Oh She Glows is great too!

  2. Go vegan!!! ❤️ you should look into how animals are treated though just so you know what you are supporting.

    1. The Whole30 changed my life. My fibromyalgia disappeared. Started making YouTube videos to tell others and people have been commenting that it’s working for them too 😀

  3. Hey Kara 🙂 You experimenting with a vegan diet is such great news! I have been as close as possible to vegan for the past 6 to 8 months and it’s been great, I would love to see your approach to it! So excited for this series 🙂 best of luck with this adventure!

  4. Definitely try it! Jon Venus, Cory McCarthey Vegan Hustle, Vegan Physique, Holly Brown Fit, Christine Salus, Vegan Bros and Vegan Health Fitness are some of my favorite vegan workout channels. Also check nutritionfacts.org and Dr. MacDougal for health and nutrition info.

  5. Wegmans carries an organic black bean pasta ( 2 f, 17 c, 25 p) and there is only two ingredients, black beans and water! At my Wegmans it is in the international isle but if you can’t find it there, look in natures market!

  6. YASSS GIRL!!!! we vegans will be in your journey!! just lil friendly reminder: eat CARBS! so much untill u feel non-hungry and fruits are in rich with vitamins & many healthh things too💜 Your body,mind, mother nature and animals thank u!

  7. everyone is going vegan. thats pretty cool. the world is changing. you just have to make sure you eat enough.

    1. ohhh oh okay yeah i did that for a month it was alright its interesting to see the different things they have good luck lol

  8. Do you have acrylics? Love the color!

    I’m going to be in the Syracuse area for a few days soon. Anything I should go see or do? Thanks!

    1. yes and go check out Destiny if you want to get your shopping game on. If you are looking for some pretty nature stuff check out Green Lakes and Chittenango Falls.

  9. Give it a shot…some folks love it and others don’t. No hate here….do you Kara…loving Jason’s drone footage.

  10. What’s the name of the vegan persons/YouTube you watch?!?! I’m a plant based/vegan and would love the extra info!😉👌🏻👸🏼

    1. +Kara Corey Fit Life Hahaha yes! But it doesn’t matter how much time, I mean you made a great decision anyways! I am not vegan either, but I also have my vegan days:) I am a pescetarian now

  11. I have been vegetarian twice and, like you, I felt like I was missing something. I got iron deficient and was exhausted so I starting eating meat again last September. Good luck!

  12. That’s awesome! I’ve never felt better then when I began eating Vegan!! I post Vegan ‘What I eat in a day’ videos and also Grocery hauls 🙂


  13. I’m so happy to hear that you’ve decided to try a plant based diet I’ve been vegan for a year and I feel so energetic even after working out and less recovery time between workouts. Here are a few of the vegan channels that will help you along with recipes: Edgy Her The vegan corner Chef mama rosa cooking with plants. Btw I like your dog’s name it cute and original.

  14. YAS GIRL!!! prepare to feel fucking amazing!!
    Bite Size Vegan has a vegan athletes series! She is also ripped herself 🙂 and her channel has ALL the info you need about veganism and proper nutrition. Also you may want to check Vegan Fitness Model on IG, she is a vegan bikini pro 🙂 good luck xo

  15. This is the first video I watched from you. I’m glad you are trying vegan or whole foods plant base diet. Remember education is key. Check out more youtubers, that vegan couple, bite size vegan, mic the vegan, nutrition facts .org
    You said you love animals. I will recommend to get some research on the ethnical side of being vegan. watch forks over knives. Gary yourofsky best speech ever

    The vegan corner has food videos.

  16. The channel “Cooking with Plants” has a lot of vegan recipes for things you might miss. I would also recommend High Carb Hannah and That Vegan Couple. Don’t be afraid of carbs girl. Potatoes and rice are your friend! Going vegan changed my life! To help you really commit I recommend watching some things like Cowspiricy, Forks over knives and Farm to Fridge. Also The Starch Solution by Dr. John Mcdougle is a good read.

  17. love Stephanie! I would love to have another channel like her’s to follow. Get ready to feel awesome!

  18. Seitan, tempeh, black bean pasta, tofu are all baddass high protein foods for vegans 🙂 Cool to see you trying the lifestyle!

  19. Keep it at whole foods (no oil, vegan junk food, ect) and lots of fruit and veg. Fruit is amazing! I felt and looked better than ever eating fruitarian. You can also follow rawveganphysique.com or rawchocolatevegan.com (her husband). They are both bodybuilders.

  20. when you quickly re-divert your visual attention to a KaraCorey vid because you don’t want to miss the drone footage. 😉

    1. +Kara Corey Fit Life about 6 weeks, I’ve been prepping for the last 10. I live in the UK, your videos get me through cardio every day haha

  21. I love you for trying a plant based diet <3 I think you'll like it (: you need to watch Forks over Knives !

  22. There is a book called Paleo Vegan if you’re interested in lower carb recipes.
    I am getting back on plant based (I had lost almost 70 lbs back in 2014) and will be posting recipes in the near future. Plus I have a few recipes on my account that I posted over a year ago.
    Good luck and have fun with plant based! I’ve never felt better 🙂

    1. Edgy Veg has a YouTube account and all she does is recipes. Some are healthy and some of them are junk food. Either way, she has great recipes!

  23. After 30 days you won’t miss the meat. It’s the seasoning. So seasoning is key . Its The way we were designed to eat, plant based. Your periods will be so much less painful also. Oh I hope you can make it 30’days… Then longer. You will notice the difference. Look into Dr. John Mcdougall wrote the starch solution.
    Vegan fitness TV amazing recipes, potato strong. Don’t get focused on the vegan activist part, focus on the health aspects you will gain. Best of luck it was the best decision of my life. And I am leaner and stronger now at 41 than I was at 31!!!

  24. This is awesome to hear!! I subscribed to your channel when I started training for physique, but since I’ve been vegan (8 months now), I’ve been mostly spending my YouTube time educating myself on the enormous impacts of animal agriculture. I’m really excited that you will be able to show people that, beyond making you look good, the way you eat can actually have a positive impact on the world!

    I highly recommend checking out Brian Turner; he’s a vegan bodybuilder on YouTube who keeps his macros the same as they were before he was vegan, yet he’s still gotten amazing results with his skin (he used to have terrible acne). The YouTuber Jon Venus is great too. I also recommend theveganrd.com and veganhealth.org, which are from vegan dieticians who specialize in plant-based nutrition. Also, cronometer.com is AWESOME for logging food since it tabulates every single thing, down to individual amino acids. Some other great fitness resources are Crissi Carvalho’s blog on veganfitnessmodel.com, the site veganmuscleandfitness.com, and veganbodybuilding.com.

    I’m so excited!! You are making a huge positive impact. I really recommend the documentaries Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, and Farm to Fridge; these will really show you just how important what you’re doing is. Thank you 🙂

  25. Check out veganfitnessmodel.com…she is doing competitions all year round & eats high carb low fat

  26. if no one has told you yet, SweetSimpleVeg is a girl I went to college with, we both just received our B.S. in nutritional science and she has found a great balance with her plant based diet!

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