16 thoughts on “VAN LIFE UPDATE | VEGAN | TRAVEL

  1. just giving a little update on the van – it is really coming along and i am so stoked to be able to share this little journey with all of you!! hit the thumbs up button and subscribe if you want more mini updates along the way — and leave any suggestions/comments below!! I would love to hear some snazzzyyy ideas for this van.

    love you guys so much & thanks for tuning in!!! — plant based transitions/health coaching + ebooks! – ask me all of your anonymous questions here!

  2. Have you changed the actual van within the last vlogs ? Because I remember it being a bus ? πŸ˜€

    1. Yes! I talked about the RV in previous videos — it was completely water damaged – would take an entire Reno and we just can’t do that right now 😡

    1. It’s an e150 extended so it’s extraaaaaa long!! 😝😝😝❀️

    1. So so much easier then the RV we first had … A lot more compact! And we won’t be living in it – just using it for trips 😊

      look into them and make sure to get a good, stable one! Don’t opt for the cheapest or you’ll get a moldy, old clunker that’ll break down on ya!!

  3. I love it!! Watching you guys is like watching Marcus and I hahah can’t wait to see more progress!!

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