Vlog || My life in Japan – picnic, shopping, vegan restaurant || Sam in Tokyo

27 thoughts on “Vlog || My life in Japan – picnic, shopping, vegan restaurant || Sam in Tokyo

  1. Love your vlog! I think I saw Mimei and Taylor go to that restaurant also! You should definitely try to meet other YouTubers in Japan. Sharla and Taylor R seem super nice and they do a lot of cool stuff in Japan. 😘

  2. Als ich im März in Tokyo war wollte ich eigentlich auch in den Shinjuku Park. Der ist Schauplatz von einem Anime und 1:1 übernommen.. Aber leider haben wir keine Zeit mehr gehabt. Würdest du andere YouTuber auf der Strasse ansprechen wenn du sie siehst?

  3. …I want those pants!

    Hehe they gonna find it~ಠ◡ಠ

    Sam has the bigger tripod :p And can confirm, I AM a camera

    Wowzie your dessert was really well plated

    And your link trough tags/notes are a bit too soon :p

    1. +Sam in Tokyo The rules (Adjective, pronouns etc) were just unbelievably hard for me😂, but at least I can say, Ich bin bilal und Ich komme aus Amerika😅, and some other basics…..

    2. +Sam in Tokyo I was taught german for 2 years at school (even though I don’t live in Germany) but when I came to the US, I gave up on it as it was sooo hard😅

  4. Ain Sof Soar is a play of Ain Sof Aur which is a hebrew thing relating to God and stuff. Look it up, it’s kind of interesting.

  5. Those thieving crows are like the small monkeys that steal people’s phones, camera, wallets and soda cans from your hand that live in the hills of Japan.

  6. I love the crow proudly parading around his bag of chips xDD that park is stunning though. Except for the bush of nope. O__o

  7. 13:07 When I was in high school in the 90’s the basketball players had sneakers like this. To me it looked like they had a smoke detector on the front of their shoe. lol It strengthens your calf muscles so you can jump higher.

  8. hey pretty lady! had a great time yesterday! just subscribed!!! Glad I was able to make it out…

  9. So THAT’s why you had auld lang syne playing at the endcard! Get it now! ^_^ (And it makes sense to have it at the END of the year as well…)

  10. You seem like such a sweet and innocent person, then I noticed the tattoo on your leg. I then realized you probably have a wild side to you that is not shown in any of these videos. I am probably wrong, it is just a tattoo…or maybe I am right!

  11. That poor turtle that can’t move (I don’t blame it for getting depressed in that tiny space), and the poor obese goldfish….. I think I’ll stick to the lovely restaurant you guys went to 🙂

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