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  1. I am so happy for you! Natural products help keep your hormones in balance, I have endometriosis and wish I had known about the estrogen triggers in conventional products

  2. I use tea tree skin oil on my face right before I go to bed and it helps calm down my redness and pimples when I wake up in the morning. I would highly recommend it!

  3. I’m using the Aesop Fabulous Face Oil and I use it right after I use my toner. It works amazing as a primer and makes my foundation look amazing.

  4. I used to use aloe Vera as a moisturizer. It works and isn’t sticky! I would also mix it with something (or just by itself) to shave with lol

  5. Love your vids, Amy! πŸ’•
    I use oils and aloe vera on my face. Almond, coconut, & jojoba oils I use to oil cleanse my skin, & I apply a few drops as moisturizer to damp or wet skin. Aloe vera, I use on my damp face before I apply oil, & during the day, I apply sunscreen once the oil has sunk into my skin a bit. As for tea tree oil, I add a few drops of it to e.l.f. Zit Zapper to make it a bit more potent, and apply it to trouble spots after applying oil. Sounds like a lot of stuff, haha, but it’s the only thing I’ve done with my skin for more than 5 years. I’m 23 now, and my skin has been really good to me with this routine. It glows sans highlighters, haha.

  6. Aloe is a great natural hair gel. It keeps stray hairs in place and then rather than gunking up your hair it evaporates

  7. I’ve broken out form rosehip oil. I found out later that rosehip oil usually breaks out people with acne prone skin. It was sad because my face was cleared up and i wanted the oil to help with the scaring it left behind. Unfortunately it just made me break out again😭. Instead I’ve been using it as my makeup removerπŸ‘πŸ»

  8. Gothamista on YouTube has a great comprehensive video about face oils. I learn so much about skincare from her. πŸ™‚

  9. I use argan cleansing oil or shea butter bars and than I add jojoba oil/almond oil (when oils go sale at any drugstore) and that’s it. I don’t add spf because my melanin got be covered. When skin gets crazy I use a green tea/ aloe vera face mask and then I add a moisturizing night gel cream for the add help.

  10. oh gosh, thank you!!!!! I’m in the transition of using only cruelty free products. Make more vids like these please

  11. I use aloe vera on my face right before moisturizing and it’s helped to retain the hydration!

  12. i use tea tree oil against breakouts, argan oil for my nails and baby oil from the grocery store for my face!

  13. I don’t really wear make up, only guy liner through my scene phase :’D But your videos are so light hearted, and I really enjoy listening to your opinions, hope you make more vlog style vids soon! Although I know make up is your focus! You seem like a really awesome person, would love to chat if you’d be up for it?

    Keep up the good work X

  14. I love using aloe vera gel with 1-2 drops of tea tree oil from the body shop (depending on my pimples’ redness) and just apply all over my pimples, it’ll heal nicely without over-drying! πŸ˜€ the rose hip oil is awesome too btw, you should try it soon!

  15. For any face oils, I mix a few drops in with my moisturizer. This keeps them from being too heavy on my skin (I have dry to combination skin). I tend to only use them at night before bed, but in the winter I apply them in the morning. As you know, everyone’s skin is different, so just find what works for you.

  16. I’m super happy that you’re getting into green beauty. I use natural products almost exclusively. Aloe is great after shaving to sooth irritation. I also have a spray bottle of Georges Aloe that I use sort of like a toner, but I also just mist it on my face throughout the day because it’s so refreshing. You should check out Teri Miyahira, Green Bunny Video, and MakeupTIA on YouTube. There is an entire green beauty community.

  17. I’m not sure about any aloe vera products, but I do use the plant as a face mask after I shower. It feels extremely good. Like, after you spread the clear gel (not the yellow goo) that is inside the plant, your skin will instantly feel a cooling effect.

  18. Hello, dear! I absolutely adore your videos! I’ve been doing essential oils for quite some time and enjoy the Now brand. You actually can use the ones you have topically but you may need to dilute them with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, almond, or jojoba. Honestly, with lavender I put it directly on my skin before bed so I can sleep soundly.

  19. i hope you know why being cruelty free is important. torture is not necessary for our beauty! i love u amy :* step in the right direction xx

  20. Omg, Rosehip oil will blow your mind! It evens your complexion, completely removes scars, fights and prevents breakouts, etc! I use it everyday after I wash my face and I love it! You should definitely give grapeseed oil a try as well. I love it as an all purpose moisturizer. Especially during the summer. Oddly enough, it’s almost like a non-greasy oil. Yeah, I know. 😹

  21. Aloe Vera makes a great moisturizer for acne-prone skin. It has polyphenols (a natural anti-bacterial), it is anti-inflammatory, it speeds up healing, it deeply moisturizes skin, and increases skin’s collagen production. It is also very beneficial to the digestive system when ingested.

    I hope that helps Amy. Have an amazing day!

  22. Don’t forget to soak the beauty blender in water and squeeze so it’s damp before using it with foundation! I didnt realize I was doing it wrong until 3 months into owning my beauty blender LOL

  23. Rose hip seed oil is incredible! A classmate mentioned it to me and now I use it day and night. It sinks in way better than the jojoba oil I was using before and my skin has improved so much. I also like to use Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my hair mixed with jojoba oil and tea tree oil and my hair loves it. JBCO is thick but my short curly hair loves it. And, of course, coconut oil. I never use it on my face (it can cause break outs) but I love it as a body oil. I also recommend raw shea butter (from Ghana) and raw cocoa butter. I also recommend Monoi oil! It smells divine.

  24. You can use aloe vera as a moisturizing face mask, just apply it and it’ll skin into the skin. As for the rosehip oil, I apply it right after I cleanse my face. so when it’s damp I just put 4 drops onto my fingertips and massage it in

  25. I use rosehip oil and depending on how I feel I use it alone or I mix it with my Acure moisturizer. Rosehip does wonders on acne scars. I also recommend Acure products. They’re relatively inexpensive for natural skincare. Check the brand out πŸ˜€ I also use tamanu oil, but I use it to spot treat because the smell is a tad bitΒ too strong for me.

  26. which one is more preferrable, thayers or madre labs? like does anyone know the difference or which one is better?

  27. i used to just cut my aloe vera and spread the insides all over my face! it really really helps so i would assume u could do the same w that aloe vera bottle

  28. I use the Acure moroccan argan oil as a face oil and I love it to hydrate my sensitive and dry/combo skin. My face has been getting smoothing with this product. Although I love the radiant glow I get I think it’s a product that works better on normal skin types.

    1. smoother*
      It’s vegan and cruelty free of course! As well as sulfate free and paraben free.

  29. Aloe vera is a wonder product-you can mix it with oils to make a hair and face mask. you can use as a primer. all kinds of awesomeness.

  30. Thayers hands down best toner ever tried, and when it comes for oils I use the Now Foods Solutions Jojoba oil, 1-2 drops in the morning(if I need an extra moisture boost) after the moisturizer, before the sunscreen, and 3-4 drops at night after everything to seal and lock moisture.

  31. In my search for an organic vegan hyaluronic serum, I came across Passport to Organics on youtube. I learnt that the hyaluronic acid in non vegan versions are made from the combs of cockerels. They are bred to have excessively large combs to provide more material for the manufacturers. The birds cannot hold their heads upright with the abnormal weight. So, needless to say, I personally, would rather pay more for the vegan version so as not to contribute to the suffering of voiceless, innocent creatures. My conscience won’t allow it. The Iherb product is not vegan.

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