46 thoughts on “Shae & Marissa’s 6-Month Travel Itinerary!

  1. Lisbon, PORTUGAL!! Please. It is not a very vegan friendly place, but it would be cool to see the challenge. And maybe meet somewhere!!

    1. It totally does sound like we’re going everywhere in the world hahah 😀 Unfortunately, we still have a lot left over!

  2. Come to Oslo- Norway! Not as vegan friendly as Sweden, but super nice 🙂 Other than that, I would really recommend Siem Reap in Cambodia, I stayed there for a week and the vegan food there was AMAZING! You should check out a website called ‘veganfoodquest’ they have done a lot of posts on Southeast Asia- including Siem Reap. I would also recommend Vietnam. I lived there for 3 months and I was thriving on delicious fruit and other vegan food there. It is so cheap to! Whereas I feel like Thailand is more pricy and touristic, and just not as genuine as Vietnam was. However, I was traveling in the Southern parts of the country, not the north which I think is far better when it comes to Vegan food and such. I would definetly consider Vietnam though, especially Hoi An and Hanoi 🙂 I hope this is helping you a bit! Can’t wait to follow your journeys!

  3. You should come to Adelaide in South Australia. There’s a big vegan community here. We have an animal sanctuary called Freedom Hill animal sanctuary as well as there’s vegan monthly picnics and lots of yummy vegan food 🙂

  4. Wow, you two are planning to hit up a lot of places in 6 months! So, my tips! One – You have to visit Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai, I had the most amazing experience volunteering there last year and I’m sure you’ll love it. Two – You can’t miss Vietnam! I would especially recommend checking out Hoi An if you don’t have time to explore the whole country. Three – If you’re road tripping in Croatia check out the little beaches in Mlini just south of Dubrovnik. They’re a cute place for a break from the tourist madness that is Dubrovnik! I have posts about all of this stuff on my blog, feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime. We might even be in London at the same time?

    1. SO many awesome suggestions, thank you! We will make sure to keep referencing back to this comment as well as your blog for good ideas! Really?? When will you be in London? 🙂

    1. +HeyShae I’m in the Netherlands. Went to Greece about two years ago and those were definitely my favorite places. In Santorini they have this pelican mascot that walks around town and you can try to find him xD really funny (it’s a random thing but thought it would be funny if you try to find him when you’re there haha)

  5. Go to Israel after Dubai! Tel Aviv is seriously the single best vegan city I have EVER been to (and I’ve traveled to over 35 countries all over the world; it is 1000x better than Chiang Mai). It’s such an unique, beautiful country and a must for vegans (there are some really interesting articles on the vegan movement there, like this one: ). Let me know if you want any specific recommendations! Miss Kaplan and Anastasia were two of my favorite vegan restaurants there 🙂

    1. SO pumped for ya’ll!!! I actually grew up in Chiang Mai, Thailand (I go to university in America now!) but my parents still live there and my mom LOVES having guests!! She would literally love to have you both stay for however long you like! You would be so welcome 🙂 Our house is 10 mins from the center of the city. It’s in a great location close to many “famous” vegan restaurants! lol. Message me if any of this sounds like something you’d be interested in! We can keep in touch so that when you make your way over to that side of the world you have a home!

      I HOPE YA’LL HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER!!! I’ll be living my vegan dreams vicariously through you 😉

  6. PLEEEAAASSSEEEE go to Paris I’m studying there for a semester and I would love to know all of the great vegan places!!! Also baguettes. Lots and lots of baguettes.

  7. Come to Spain! Specially in Barcelona you will find lots of places to eat vegan food! 🙂

  8. Go to India! loads of vegetarians in india, so lots of vegan friendly delicious options! North India and South India! (if you like coconuts, go to south india, their food is mostly coconut and rice based, and DELICIOUS!)

  9. AUSTRALIA – Go to MELBOURNE and SYDNEY both are a MUST for vegan eats.


  10. SINGAPORE!!!! Not the most vegan friendly country in Asia but not impossible! Will definitely help people like me who are drawn to becoming vegan but are finding it just not as easy 👍🏼 Animal shelters in Singapore, you can check out SPCA and Acres, two of the more popular ones! And would love to meet you both who have inspired me to even look at veganism as a choice ☺️

  11. Yay I live in Amsterdam! It’s a super vegan friendly city. Are you guys planning on doing meetups in the cities you’re visiting? That would be so cool !!

    1. Shae and Marissa have some plans in the works, we recommend reaching out to them via Instagram or VeganTravel.com!

    1. That is great to know, our sponsored travelers Giselle and Cody are hoping to visit a few in Africa!

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