54 thoughts on “4 EASY VEGAN PICNIC RECIPES | hot for food

  1. The quality, fun, and amazing recipes of these videos/channel needs waayyyyyy more views and subscribers

  2. Uh, really cool ideas for a picnic

    3rd, did John lose weight?

    So much love 🌻

  3. What kind of mason jar is that? Ive never seen one with that kind of top it looks vintage!

  4. Hummus, sun-dried tomato wraps are my favorite!! I make them all the time and I love adding cumin!

  5. Fun wrap: sun dried tomato tortilla filled w/ avocado, snap peas, bell pepper, onion, shredded carrot, annnnd grapes! You’ll be addicted. 💯

  6. Hey Lauren and John! I’m trying to lose some weight and would like to do it while eating vegan foods. Can you do a video on quick lunches and dinners we can pack for work that are easy to pack?

  7. I love the cooking challenge videos! Please do more! I’m not sure what you could do, maybe a dessert one?

  8. Lol I love you guys, feel so happy I found you! awesome ass recipes for vegans! I honestly eat boring ass food until I started watching you guys about 4 weeks ago! made my move to veganism so much better! much love from Arizona❤❤❤

  9. I really love a video like this with some super super basic achievable recipes! I never get the time to make sure I have all the ingredients then find time to make proper recipes but I could definitely make all these! Thankyou!

  10. You can really tell Lauren has a background in television by the way she introduces these videos. Her voice is so soothing to listen to! Great video!

  11. My kids and I consider ourselves picnic experts and those wraps looks super easy to make. We just made cookie dough balls on our channel too.

  12. I love to see your videos, you’re funny, and very good, could go to televisian. Love you!!!!

  13. Sangria without cloves, cinnamon sticks and anise is just not sangria! Maybe you could let some them soak overnight in a cup of juice or sweetened water?

  14. Love the simplicity! Where I grew up our idea of picnic food was a big pot of chickpea rice, we called it picnic rice, there’s a way of wrapping it in a table cloth which makes it easy to carry, so good and stays hot for surprisingly long, I’ll demonstrate it one of these days 😀😋

  15. Such good ideas! Been being lazy and sticking to vegetarian picnics hard cheeses, crackers, grapes, cherries. I love the wrap recipes! Vegan picnic here I come!

  16. i just had a vegan picnic with two vegan friends, I felt so cool and special, but I literally hauled all my containers of stuff like John was mentioning! love these ideas, wrap roll ups were so good as an omni and they look even better now 😄😄😄 bravo bravo!

  17. Lauren, how did your bangs grow out so fast? I swear there’s videos where they’re really obvious and then suddenly they’re gone. HOOWWWWW

  18. can I get just like….an hour long gag reel of bloopers? Just you two shmutzing around and being goofy as fuck like in the beginning of your videos? Please do it. Such a good idea

  19. How long do you guys typically film for to make a video? A whole day? Half a day? It all depends? I love your videos & appreciate all of the time & love you put in to them. 😊

    1. this type of video takes most of the day 10/11 am until 3/4 – cause of light! same with challenges. The shorter instructionals with just Lauren hosting are quicker and we can shoot 2 in a day!

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