59 thoughts on “Shredda’s Vegan Calisthenics Workout | Thats Good Money

  1. Peanuts is like cow meat so u have to work out peanut butter and cashews are the same as sausage pound for pound

  2. 3,37 run, 1×40 push up, 1×40 sit up, 1×40 squats, shaolin punches, shaolin mabu 1 minute holding, shaolin blocks, shaolin kicks, shaolin aunthenich form

  3. if he is actually vegan, he would be absolutely unstoppable if he went carnivore. I did the vegan thing for 2 years, it destroyed my health. Once I went carnivore, my energy levels are infinite. If he can make it work for him though, more power to him.

  4. I’ve been watching this channel since yesterday for the first time. That nigga Shredda is mind blowing 💪🏿🔥also very humble and focus dude
    with a superb but obviously natural physic. Which comes from
    ‘hard work and dedication’ i also life by every day for years now. Salute too you brother you’re a great example and very motivational!
    The 🌎 is yours 🙌🏿🇨🇴

  5. Shredda is a absolute beast sulate to king and very knowledgeable cat really enjoy his vids more then others 💯

  6. Love these guys the videos are lite 👌🏽and they all are machines strong as hell no messing 👊keep up the good work from 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  7. I wish we could get a bit of that weather over here in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿freezing over here all the time crap English weather 😂

  8. Almonds/almond butter, heard recently that almonds and pistachios may lower a man’s T count. Anyone can clarify this as fact or fiction for me? Thanks, good stuff Shredda . Vegan power !!! 💪 💥

  9. He is maybe vegan but 100% juicing. He is also wearing red in about every video plus mentioning “blood” in some of them. Real role model

    1. @J.I Not we…They Are meant to eat the other ones…Many Carnivore animals Die of Hunger because we are eating their food…

  10. Tbh I like all the calisthenics videos. Me, myself do calisthenics. But I got question for you. Are you even fit to order your man to do calisthenics?. Yo man you should show yourself and be in front not behind the camera..

  11. Lol no way the guy @29:12 on the monkey bar spinning his legs like a windshield wiper I’m done. Shout out to master shredda

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