15 thoughts on “Greece Vegan Food Tour: Athens + Aegina Island

  1. Such a timely video !!! I’m in Poros right now and I’m going to Athens tomorrow morning !! Couldn’t be more lucky since I was wondering how to choose where I’d eat etc 🙂 Thank you so much ! I love your videos !!

  2. I wanted to try Rosebud when I was there, happy you were able to! That pizza looks amazing! Ice Queen has really expanded their vegan options. Amazing!

  3. I live in Greece, and I know this place with lukumades but I always thought they weren’t vegan, are they ?

  4. just found this channel!i live in Athens
    but the two first restaurants i wasn t aware,
    now i m gonna visit them!also,loukoumades are vegan?
    i always thought that they had egg …if i m wrong i am missing a tasty flavour!!!!!
    vegan ice queen gelato is THE BEST VEGAN WAFFLE totally👍👍👍💟💟

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