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  1. I have a question you as a nutrition student, what do you want to be a dietitian? And once you graduate and become what you want in your career, are you going to to encourage people to go vegan or would you stay out of it? And does what you learn in school mainly about a plant based diets or a regular diet?

    1. Sorry if this is too much I too want to be a dietitian but am confused with what to do and what to recommend to people who aren’t on a plant based diet?

  2. I see other vegan vids and I’m like ehh but whenever I see Lisa’s I’m like omggg not only does that looks nice but is good for me and her bodyyy omfdsssss slayy😭❀️

  3. just found ur channel and am soooo happy!!! i have been wanting to go vegan for a while and have finally decided to next week, then i stumbled on ur videos and they will help so much for my vegan meals! thanks and good luck!

    1. lilcrazylupita how to eat healthy….

      1. At first, go slowly at first. If you’re not dedicated enoug or you’re used to eating junk, then start slowly. Instead of eating fast food, how about making your food at home for once? If you’re feeling McDonald’s, then make some baked potatoes with a dash of salt and thyme! Feeling chicken nuggets or strips? If you want to become vegan, then you can make some vegan meat burgers, add some chicken seasoning and it gets that nice hard crispy she’ll just like a chicken nugget, but instead of frying, you put it in a pan with just a small drizzle of olive oil. Feeling ice cream? How about banana “nice cream” with frozen banana s and dates as a sweetener? Add cocoa and it’ll taste just like chocolate ice cream! Add vanilla to make vanilla ice cream, and etc. add vegetables and proteins to your diet, and eat meat if you’d like. Don’t be afraid. If you’re craving sweets, go with w piece of fruit, and if your craving something savory, get some vegetables.
      2. Meal prep. If you are upper late all the time, you’re going to probably end up at Starbucks buying two pieces of lemon cake at Starbucks. If you make your whole weeks breakfast, lunch and dinner, then you’ll never have time for Starbucks! It’s magic! If you want to dig deeper, do some research on it.
      3. Try a diet for at least 30 days. Give all processed foods away, chocolates, etc, so tell your friends and family that you’re going on a diet so they can remind you not to eat anything bad. It’s much more fun when someone is doing a diet with you, so u won’t feel alone on the struggle. For a diet, don’t make up some crazy things. Just eliminate processed, sugared, salty foods for at least a month, and you’ll soon find it easier.
      3. Need some inspiration? here are rons on Instagram. Believe me, it made me want to work my hardest too.
      4. Have fun! Don’t feel like you’re restricting yourself, you are doin it for the better.
      5. Drink lots of water. Water before and after all your meals, before you wake up, etc. it’ll make u feel fuller for longer so u won’t have to go out getting fast food. Hope that helped πŸ˜‰

  4. Just found your channel. Watched all of “what i eat in a day” videos and I have to say ive already made three of your food ideas and they taste just as good as they look!!! Thanks for the videos!

  5. I want to make chick pea patties but I don’t hv a food processor and I don’t want to damage my blender

  6. Thanks for your amazing recipes, Lisa! Will it be unhealthy if I put just a little bit of extra virgin olive oil to a food processor for the pesto sauce?

  7. What blender do you use? Do you think it is a good one? I am looking to buy a blender but I have found that most of them aren’t as powerful as I would like.

  8. may I ask how many Balls of them mango-dates-stuff are you eating for one snack? one veriation of it I Made are 10 dates & ~50gr of cashews, it tastes soooo delicious you have to try it! I really like your vids and it gives me pretty much inspiration, thank you very much! 😊

  9. I cook the avocado pasta too and I have the same recipe for it. But I add some water and the avocado sauce becomes creamy.

  10. I just love how you must take the pan off the plate every time you flip the your vegetarian patties LoL

  11. Okay, I’m officially addicted to your “what I eat in a day” videos! You have such unique recipes!

  12. omg how how how are ur smoothies so creamy? i thought u could only achieve that w food processors mine are always watery and gross lol and i barely add liquid

  13. l love your meal ideas, I have been seeing that your meals are high in carbs. I have been diagnosed as a diabetic. Which I am trying beat naturally. I am interested in a vegan diet. I am always hearing a lot of fruit especially in the mornings. That sounds good I LOVE fruit but am concern of my blood sugar levels. Will that effect it?

    1. belia st
      I think Dr. Fuhrman and Dr. Neal Barnard would be the best books to read to follow a plant based diet for optimal health.

  14. Hi thank you for the meals idea πŸ™‚ i want to suggest you a little modification for your last recipe of the cremy avocado pesto, if you save some of the boiling water let’s say 2 tablespoon , and add this water to your pesto , you will have a more cremy texture for your pasta, and it prevents your pasta dish to dry too much. I would suggest to add some nutritional yest on top. hope this will be useful bye

  15. I tried the basil pesto avocado pasta today but our local store didn’t had any fresh basil so I used dried basil. It was sooo delicious and super easy to make😍 It would be probably better with fresh basil but still awesomeπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

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