7 thoughts on “3 Hostel Options in Amsterdam

  1. Nice I looked up Hostels in Amsterdam because I’m going this summer, I so happen to be vegan too ha. Small world I guess.

    1. Looks like you found the right place! We have a lot more Vegan Amsterdam information over on our site, too:

      Have a safe and happy trip!

    1. No, we didn’t ever encounter anyone who was trying to jump us or scam us. I’m not quite sure what you mean, but it sounds a lot like warnings you’ll get for every country! Just be careful like you would in any country as a traveller!

    2. did you have any issues with scammers bothering you while there as im thinking bout traveling there alone soon , i see alot of blogging of thieves and scammers , people jumping solo travelers etc …

    3. Hi Tim! Typically pricing at hostels varies by the time of year you’re looking to visit, and on their overall availability. We suggest checking out the links to the hostels in the caption above to see about cost. Thanks for watching!

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