53 thoughts on “#20 | 8 VEGAN FOOD LIFE HACKS!

  1. What are your thoughts on oils? I know many high carb vegans never use them as they are fat and have no other nutrients. Do you cook with oils usually or only when making special treats?

  2. I honestly tell everyone about the soda and cake mix trick and they always love it! All thanks to you 🙂 So easy and yummy, can’t wait to try these ones!

  3. I tried using Coca Cola when making cake and I can honestly say I’m never using eggs and water again. Its the best cake I have ever tried/make. It was so soft and airy, as a perfect cake should be, thank you for sharing that<3 Honestly it is amazing

  4. OMG thank you, Stefanie! I needed that hardened chocolate in my life! this was a much needed video! You’re amazing!

  5. It’s so crazy and awesome to me that products like croissants and Oreos are vegan! I actually just went shopping here in China for a Weird Chinese Snack Food Taste Test video that I’m gonna make, and so many of the foods we looked at were “accidentally” vegan. Score!

  6. I love dates, but sometimes can’t get past the fact that they look like roaches…blah!! Great video, though, Stef – really helpful!

  7. Oh, wow! I loved chocolate sauce that hardened when I was a child! Definitely trying that one! Thanks! 😀

    (I made a devil’s food cola cake a few days ago. So easy and so good!)

  8. FYI EVERYONE: Betty Crocker is NOT vegan in the USA. Duncan Hines however has vegan friendly mixes and icings!

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