GREEN BEAUTY GLAM | organic | natural | vegan | cruelty-free

39 thoughts on “GREEN BEAUTY GLAM | organic | natural | vegan | cruelty-free

  1. Looking stunning as usual Amber! As soon as I saw your Instagram post about the lip look I knew I needed it haha! 🙂 xx

  2. Can you please do a video on the skincare you use? Your skin is flawless. I thought when you started on your eye makeup that you already had a face base on!

    1. its beautiful, good coverage as well. i wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin types tho, but for normal to dry skin and setting it with a powder is so good xxx

  3. Hey Amber, just wondering, do you know of any good organic/natural make up remover wipes? I’ve tried a few different kinds and haven’t found one that works good. Your make up looks flawless btw!

    1. +Amber Reid thanks! I’ll check them out, I’ve been having the opposite problem with the brands I’ve tried, they all seem to be too dry.

    2. Hi love!!! the only ones i have tried are RMS beauty, that are coconut oil. They remove makeup really well but a bit oily for me! i havnt tried any others, i’m going to look into finding some, i just use a facial cleanser and makeup remover pads at the moment! xxx

    1. nothing ‘happened’ to it, i just didnt include it as my face was out of the camera most of the time haha xx

  4. Great results, love all of your looks
    Keep doing some More clean looks for us!!👏🏾🙌🏽👏🏾🙌🏽👏🏾

  5. Just found you girl! Super excited to see more green beauty you tubers! Especially ones that do more full glam vs natural looks. Definitely subscribed 😉

  6. None of the RMS products mentioned are vegan. The Physicians Formula mascara is also not vegan. Hate it so much when people use the term vegan to get attention even though it’s not accurate. Do your research or be up front about it not actually being vegan

    1. Hi there, if you read my description i don’t claim they are either love. So please don’t tell me to do my research. I’m not vegan myself but majority products i use are, hence why i help people who are vegan find beautiful products.

  7. I got excited when I saw the Natio lipstick cause its cheap and a beautiful color but the ingredients list on the website says it has a paraben in it :///

  8. Gorgeous! I just found your channel so good to see another green beauty girl! Silk Naturals do clean velvet lipsticks.

  9. this one looks great! can you do a video on your makeup brushes and when or how to use them? I’m somewhat new to using makeup other than brows and eyeliner so it’d be really helpful coming from a vegan organic cruelty free you tuber 😀

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