21 thoughts on “Things to Do & Vegan Food in Amsterdam

  1. I think this may be my favorite video yet! So much fun and so many choices, also loved the extra tips,

  2. Wow you guys have been to so many places in such a short amount of time! I’ve been living in Amsterdam for almost a year now and I have been to like 1/3 of the vegan restaurants you’ve visited haha. But I’ve heard great things about all of these spots, I think you’ve made great decisions! I live in Amsterdam East so I’m definitely going to check out Bar James soon.

    1. That is so cool!! You’ll have to tell us if you find any new spots we didn’t get to! The cat boat is such a fun time, I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    2. Yes I will be visiting for a week in November and I cannot wait! I’ve watched this twice and plan to watch it again this weekend with my husband. We’ll take notes and bookmark everything on Yelp. I really hope to check out that cat boat from your other video. This video makes me even more excited than I was already!! 😀

  3. Interesting and veganissimo! According to your travel experiences: what was the most vegan place – city you visited?

  4. Thanks again for this awesome video! It helped us a lot on our trip. There were so many places that had *just* opened in Amsterdam. Vegan stuff there is getting better and better! We would not have known about the cat boat if it wasn’t for your cat boat video. 🙂 Here is the video we made of our vegan tour of Amsterdam.

  5. I’m going to Amsterdam tomorrow and I feel like this was very helpful! Thank you so much for making and sharing this with us. You two are lovely.

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