WHAT I EAT IN A DAY #18 (Easy Asian Vegan Recipes) ♥ Cheap Lazy Vegan

65 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY #18 (Easy Asian Vegan Recipes) ♥ Cheap Lazy Vegan

  1. I love that you cook with what you have on hand. That takes a great amount of creativity, and you do it so well. HUGS from TEXAS!

  2. What a genius!  I live in small town BC Canada.  I cannot get rice cakes (ddukbokki), jack fruit, red pepper paste and so many things people who live in large communities take for granted.  But I can get gnocchi!  I will try.

  3. Everything looks great! I need to try that cream cheese. And please please share the ddukbokki recipe! It’s one of my fav Korean dishes, along with dak galbi which I am determined to make a vegan version of someday 🙂

  4. Thanks for these awesome recipes! I’ve been wondering how to make soba noodles for a while and now I know! X Angelica

  5. a little fat (like oil) helps you to absorb some of the vitamins in the greens which a are fat soluble.. a little dressing wouldn’t have killed you!

  6. Wonderful food I loved the rice noodle and knocki dish.. All your food is amazing. . lots of love from the UK.💖 💜 💙 😄 😅

  7. i dont know what to do i’m vegetarian that doesn’t like cheese or milk but ocasionally eats eggs when its in a recepie so i’m mostly vegan. my problem is that vegan food in uruguay (where i live) is so boring many basic things like bread have always milk in it. and simple things like pb2 or maple cyrup does not exist. also in winter there is no fruit options only bananas apples oranges and madarines cause the rest is not in season i dont know what to do please help!!

  8. Your what I eat in a day videos are so different to all the other youtubers it’s awesome! New sub by the way 🙂

  9. I hit like before I even watched the while video yum!! Have you done any meal prep videos lately or did I miss a recent one?

  10. Are you concerned with the cruelty to animals involved in the coconut industry? I have seen them use chained monkeys to pick the coconut and they are treated appallingly.

    1. yes I’ve heard about that.. and ashamed to say that I’ve forgotten about it. But thanks for bringing it back to my attention

  11. i am always intimidated by making asian dishes but this makes it look so easy haha

  12. You were a hungry vegan today! lol
    I definitely want to make the peanut sauce you’ve made for the soba noodle. It looks sooo good!

  13. Wtfff…I was wondering why I hadn’t been seeing any new videos from you! I think I got deleted from your subscriber list at some point. This has happened with a few other people I was subscribed to also. Bummer! Glad to be back.

  14. I don’t feel guilty anymore when i watch your videos because i’m the kind of girl who likes to mix everyting together. Lentils and pasta ? Yes. Gnocchis and rice ? Yes. Beans and pasta ? Well fuck yes !!!!
    In the end of the day we all know how it’s gonna end *spoil alert : poop in the toilets*

    1. vegan power! lol in all seriousness, i’m not that little but!! I don’t always eat this much (haha this was a special day), I try to exercise regularly, generally i eat lower fat and try to eat lots of whole foods, and not too much “junk” food.

    1. Niko Rodriguez She used lentil and tofu. Also the rice and the buckwheat noodles have protein not just carbs. She probably had protein in her breakfast too. It’s not hard to eat enough protein while vegan/vegetarian in case you are new to this diet.

  15. your WIEID videos are SO refreshing, seeing someone eat lots of delicious food rather than just a smoothie bowl and 5 almonds

  16. Does anyone else LOVE broccoli stalks? When I saw you adding it to the stir fry I was so happy, I’m obsessed with them!

  17. I’m going to make a caramelised onion and mushroom pasta sauce over brown rice noodles for dinner tonight.i can’t wait because of this video.

  18. I love your videos!!! everything always looks so yummy! I’m trying the vegan Mac and cheese over the holiday vacay, can’t wait!

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