14 thoughts on “24 Hours Vegan in Copenhagen

    1. Thanks!!! Vegan Travel is an awesome resource in general, if you love our videos, I’m SURE you’d love the website community! XO <3

  1. Thank you very much, Sweet Vegan Mermaids! โ€ฆI meant it well, positively and without any prejudiceโ€ฆ In truly vegan way!!!

  2. I live in Denmark and I have yet to go to Copenhagen after I went vegan. This made me SO excited to go back there! Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m going to have to check out your videos on Amsterdam now since I’m going there really soon.

    1. We definitely wish we had more time there, it looked like there were still a few places we didn’t get to! Jealous you get to go there! Let us know what places we missed!

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