13 thoughts on “Vegan Food in Stockholm, Sweden

  1. YAY! Alan is in another vlog. And I love when you can go somewhere and not have to ask if it is vegan, such a wonderful thing. I can see now why Stockholm was one of your favorite places Shae, so many choices.

  2. The food looks De-li-cious.  Can I also just say I thoroughly enjoy watching each new video you put up?  Love the energy and laughter & always so excited when I see you girls in my sub box.  🙂

    1. There were so many, we loved it! Oooo I know what Tack means, but google translate came in handy, you’re welcome! 😀

  3. So many options! I’m in Stockholm right now (my second time) and I had heard about a few of the places you visited, but most of them are new to me! I’m not sure if I’ll get to many of them during this trip, but it’s great to know they’re out there!

    1. London and Sydney I would say are on top! But Stockholm is SO incredibly vegan friendly, as you saw in the video 🙂

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