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  1. Werther’s originals were an OBSESSION of mine growing up, especially their caramel soft chews so I need to try those candies u got since they taste similar! Great haul!!

  2. Actually it’s better to take the probiotic pill, because they are formulated to survive the stomach acid, so they reach the intestines. Probiotics you find in food are usually broken down by the stomach acid 🙂

    1. NO I don’t believe you. haha I have no idea, but that can’t be right. What did people do before everything came in pill form? THey made sprouted bread from wheat which had all the naturally occurring microbes in which to rise the bread… like the ancients. So I don’t see how that’s true.

  3. Herbamare is my favourite herbsalt! Just bought a new one yesterday. I always use it in my vegan cooking. 👍😋 Do more taste test videos, but don’t replace them with the what I ate today videos because you are the queen of them! ❤️

  4. damn i would eat that in a flash. would really love if any of you plant-based kings&queens watching could pop to the wild side and see some of my recent videos. Much love YT gang x

  5. I found it quite surprising that you are a food vlogger, but you rather drink powder smoothie than eat food. The more you know.

    1. It’s hard to get all your nutrients in when you’re small, I’m pretty sure I’m the same size as Lauren and I know it’s really hard to get all my calories/ vitamins some days because I get full so fast. Drinking smoothies and things like that make it easier for some people to get their veggies

    2. ya because I am busy making a shit ton of recipes to give away for free to you guys. I also eat all that food that I make 😀

  6. ahhh! thanks so much for featuring so many of our brands Lauren! Love how much you love the shots and we’ll meet up so you can get some of our Vegan Boned Broth 🙂 ~L

  7. I used the “Glutino” brand gluten free flour for your vegan cupcakes the other day on my 5 year olds birthday and it turned out amazing! I couldn’t believe they were vegan!!! (I have a video uploading showing our experience.) We did cherry icing and added some vegan chocolate chips. SOOOO good!

  8. Hi Lauren how do you find this expos or whatever they are?? Are u a member of some club or something? How do I find out if there’s any in my city..?

  9. Yes!! I vote more taste tests because I trust your opinion more than like any other internet person I watch. I feel like you wouldn’t be afraid to eat something and be like “Oh God this is not good” and I value that SO MUCH <3

    1. Best bet is to google it yourself, but the gist is… a lot of it is unsustainable, and farming it is destroying the orangutans habitat. So even though it is a plant food, there are arguments to whether it is really vegan to eat something that is causing so much damage to the Orangutan population.
      It’s not always clear whether or not it is sustainably farmed either, so if you want to, avoiding it all together is the easiest option. If you’re a fan of vegan junk it’s not the easiest thing to do, as it is so commonly used i processed foods these days, given the low price point compared to other oils.
      Like I said though, do a bit of research yourself, I am by no means any kind of expert, knowing just the basics. I’m only 1 yr in to being Vegan myself, so still lots to learn, and can only take in so much information at once lol.

  10. A big fan here that just never comments, but taste testing sounds like an awesome idea! Especially for people who are new to veganism and are unsure of what taste good or not.

  11. lauren! recently made your buffalo cauliflower and my hubs is now willing to go meatless a few days a week. baby steps, right? I’m originally from buffalo and next time we are heading up to toronto since he hasn’t been, can you recommend yummy vegan places?

  12. I found some of that white cheddar skinny pop popcorn in a gas station on a road trip recently and freaked that it was vegan! It’s so good 😋

  13. I have the shirt you are wearing!!! I already love it and now feel like it gets extra cool points because you own it as well! Lol

  14. That boned broth looks unreal!! Also those Chimes toffees are my dream come true. I ate my weight in Werthers before XD I’ll have to keep my eye out for CHFA next year 🙂

  15. I think maybe you can try to make fun flavours of cookies!! Like the orange quinoa that you tasted! Maybe a cookie challenge on Hot For Food? That would be amazing Lauren!

  16. You should come to the Vegan festival in Montreal on November 5-6th! And we have a bunch of awesome vegan restaurants like Aux Vivres, Panthere Verte, Crudessence and Copper Branch <3 <3

  17. I also prefer savory over sweet. So hungry now. I learned about so many brands in this vid! Thanks!

  18. I love that you try so many things…I don’t like those hauls where people just show all the stuff and you never get to know how it tastes 🙂

  19. Cookies, candies, chips, popcorn….this won’t make me any friends but I’m saying it anyway: Vegan junk food is still junk food.

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