6 thoughts on “Surviving a 16 Hour Non-Stop Flight + Day 1 in Auckland

  1. Hi, I’ve read a half of the post on your website and found it informative (thanx for turmeric pills advice) until read the line about some jetlag “medication” which as you mentioned was “homeopathic treatment”. Please read what homeopathy is , hopefully you will delete the line and never mention it again. Peace, love n light !

  2. Very exiting! You know: Your experience with vegan option, when flying from Dubai, reminded to me very much the utterly dissatisfactory situation with vegetarian food, when flying from Moscow… gelatin component was part of the “vegetarian” meal… Besides, the whole “vegetarian” meal was so bland and unexciting… After all: (air) travelling should / must be fun, also dietary wise! Yes, I’ll try to travel often! Thank you and with the best regards, Petr

    1. Just in several days I am planning to take a trip to Indonesia, hopefully, everything would be going according to the travel plan. And, if so, then: what kind of vegetarian food there would be on the outbound flight, I wonder?..

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