14 thoughts on “A [Vegan] Day in Dubai

  1. welcome to Dubai happy you come to visit 😀 i’m saudi but i come to dubai like in every spring/winter break some times on weekends and i didnt know about the vegan food there thanx alot 😀

  2. For one day, I think you did manage to see quite a bit. Just wondering if you had any negative remarks on being out alone as a female, or not covering your heard? One hears all sorts of stories, but is never sure how things really play out.

    1. Hi @SJ Calderon … I didn’t get any remarks, no. I was staying with a couple who are from New Zealand but they’ve lived and worked in the UAE for nearly 9 years so I asked them a bunch of questions while there. Because Dubai is so touristy it’s typically not an issue for a woman to be out alone and to not be fully covered. My hosts did advise – out of respect – to keep shoulders covered and legs should be covered to the knees; unless you’re at the beach. Bikinis welcome there, it seems. To be fully honest, I did feel generally out of sorts and wouldn’t visit more than a day or two at a time. It’s expensive, not easy to get around, and since shopping isn’t really my thing I didn’t have much to do other than wander around the malls.

  3. this made me so hungry but i’m in bed 🙁 if any of you vegan legends would like to see some similar high-quality vegan content, then check my recent uploads. Much love vegan fam x

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  5. This was a great vlog! I loved the look of that raw vegan cafe in the mall! Like you it also upsets me about the aquarium those poor fish you showed had no room poor little fishys deserve to be in the sea!

  6. Very interesting! What about falafel – hummus – tehina dishes in Dubai? You experienced any tastes of them?.. Thank you very much!

    1. I’m sure there were some falafel dishes somewhere in the mall or surrounding areas but I didn’t seek them out this time.

  7. This video was awesome! Im Canadian but I’m visiting my family that live in Dubai in February and now I have some vegan places to try 🙂

    1. That’s so great to hear, Sophia! Kristin covered a ton of ground during her one day in Dubai, and some of our other travelers also visited this incredible city during their travels. If you haven’t already, check out Shae & Marissa’s Dubai video for even more vegan finds:

      There are also helpful blog posts and other information about Dubai on our website:

      Thanks for watching!

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