12 thoughts on “Travelling to Tel Aviv, Israel!!!

  1. So freaking cool that yours are incorporating some activism in the video as well. This channel has great potential and it’s a brilliant idea! Really cool video again. Awesome editing and choice of music! Thanks:)

    1. Thanks so much Jump Lennon. Super happy that you enjoyed the video with the mix of music.
      If there is some sort of animal protest where we are you can definitely count us in. It’s very important to us to always speak up for our fellow animal friends. <3

  2. The silent walk/protest was very moving, as were the ads! As a fellow Torontonian, I got a good chuckle from the Blue Jays shirt.

    1. Hey SJ, Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. We definitely try to keep a good balance of travel and animal activism while on the road. Hopefully the Jays can keep up this great run of theirs. GO JAYS GO!!!

  3. Falafel at the Shuk HaKarmel tastes so good , glad to c u visited really cool places in d Tel – Aviv area,

    1. Thanks for checking the video Aero. There are definitely a lot of great places to eat at in Tel Aviv!!!

  4. The hummus – falafel – vegan shawarma… though, everything was very cool! Except for the flight, I guess. Toda raba meod!

  5. During the video I tried to remember where do I know you I know you from. Suddenly, I remembered that I saw you in the silence protest and asked for a picture.
    great video!

    1. Hey there Orel, Glad you were able to find the video and happy you enjoyed it.
      If you could……do you think you could email us a copy of the photo? mindfulwanderlust@yahoo .com

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