1. Aww thank you!! I like being real, we are all real and I want to show that it’s possible to just be an average person and share my life. Glad you enjoyed the video!

  2. wow, it’s like God placed this story in front of me at the perfect time. I’m about to embark on a juice feast in the coming weeks and I just went to the doctor today to get my blood levels checked to monitor before and after going Raw. and I was complaining about the same symptoms. I’m freezing cold all the time. of course the doctors didn’t really have an answer for that. I figured it was my metabolism as well because some days i eat abundantly on my plant based diet and other days I just don’t consume enough calories. so I’m sure I’m wreaking havoc on my metabolism. I can relate so much to your before weight as well. I hold on to water like a camel and I can’t wait to get rid of the cellulite and everything that has been stagnated in my body. Thank you so much for this video!

    1. Awww bless you!!! Glad that this could speak to you!! 🙂 Hopefully you can experience better health on raw!

  3. I really related to your health journey story. I have been on and off raw food diets for over 35 years. It took me a long time to figure out what I was doing wrong. Of course, 35 years ago there was not as much information as there is now on the subject and no real support system, outside of a few raw books that were available at the time. I got to talk to Dr. Ann Wigmore briefly over the phone once, received a short note from the author of “Survival into the 21st century”, and a couple of letters from Johnny Lovewisdom, who lived in Equator. So pretty much on my own and learned through trial and error and I’m still learning from my own experiences and now from the experiences of those here on you tube which is a real blessing for those just starting out on this path.

    1. wow 35 years!! yeah there wasnt even much just 10-15 years ago, let alone 35! So happy that you are still trying though, it’s a journey for all of us <3 much love

  4. This video was JUST what I needed to hear. Not only did I have all of the symptoms you talked about, but I had a similar journey and thought process (and similar before pics) as I transitioned 7 weeks ago. While I am not completely raw, I keep it at least 50% raw and it began as a 30 day test period… I know this will be my diet for life. Thank you so much for sharing your story, the inspiration is off the charts.

    1. SO HAPPY my video resonated with you! xoxo Awesome to hear you are making better choices!! 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for making this video. I have been struggling with my own vegan journey and health and wellness lately so this is exactly what I needed to hear. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk about all the issues you faced.
    I have subscribed and look forward to watching more of your videos!

    Also that wall hanging behind you is beautiful!


    1. AWWWW thank you!! I actually quilted that quilt when I was 17 with my mother 🙂 It’s quite special. And I am so glad that my video could help you! Makes my heart happy xo

  6. You are so many inspiration! So much more down to earth than others out there. And I love your glasses!

  7. Story of my life lol. But I’m at the transitioning to raw vegan phase. I’m trying to give up steamed potatoes. Pray for me lol

  8. Wow!! This video spoke to me!! I struggle with the same Lissa! Especially the binging after doing WELL and the joint issues after eating salty chips (my love) and processed sugar (my first love)! Thank you for this so much…I don’t feel alone after all.

    1. IF I eat them… IF… I would spiralize them and eat them raw. But it’s rare.. like once or twice a year rare.

  9. I believe you and your old life sounds exactly like my current one!! But vegetables taste so watery ans unfulfilling to me. Why?!! Why do they taste so sad to me? What is wrong?The desire to eat fruits and veg is strong and i feel so lethargic every day but…?Help! Do you have any suggestions for me? I feel like if i try to eat another salad or sour strawberry that I’ll be sick!Thx for listening!

    1. Can you recommend a dressing that you think would help the adjustment? Im embarrassed to say that my favorite dressing is ranch. ( dont laugh )

    2. Thank you! I’ll try some of your dressings. And i will for sure try to find fruits that are ripe. I had no idea!

    3. Your taste buds are tuned to want the heavy flavors concocted by big business. They know what addicts us to stuff. Dried foods and things like crackers, chips, etc are all void of water so if you eat a lot of that (covered in fat/sugar/salt) it’s going to take time to adjust. Try some of my dressing recipes, they seem to help with people needing that flavour impact. And sour strawberries aren’t ripe!! 🙂 Ripe fruit tastes AMAZING

  10. I just had my 2 month vegan annie. on the 18th, I feel amazing lost 15 lbs so far. I relate to your story I to had no major issues and I to was tired of being sick and tired. I’m vegan but not completely raw vegan I do still cook some foods. I am working on going total raw though. Thanks for this very inspiring video..

  11. Man.. pretty much everything that you have said that you felt before I am/have experienced! I really want to try this raw vegan diet, I want to get healthy again! Thing is I just don’t know what I can eat or not eat! I hardly know anything about this kind of diet lol

    1. Check out my books!!! I have a transition guide and a meal plan to take all the guess work out and you can watch my what I ate in a day videos!

  12. I think I am not eating enough because I crave things too. I am also thirsty. I don’t think I am eating enough fat too.

    1. You don’t need to worry about fats. We only need 10% total calories from fats. Just do 2 tbsp chia seeds and that’s all you need. Really. No more oils. EAT MORE – you need more calories from fruit and veggies

  13. Your past is me right now. I even weigh the same amount you did. I feel like shit all the time and it hurts to walk first thing in the morning…etc. etc.

    I’ve also had all those times of buying the produce and then it rots in the fridge.

    What was it that finally made you go, “No more, I’m eating the produce and no more of all the junk that’s making me feel like crap”? How did you finally discipline yourself?

    1. Thank you!! Glad the video resonated with you. I simply said enough was enough and said no. It’s not food, so I will no longer eat it. Cuz it’s NOT food. It causes me pain.

  14. I honestly felt like you read my life story! I have most of those symptoms and I wear a knee brace just to walk my dog. I have a Fitbit and get my steps + in but I keep climbing up the scales. :-(. Just got your Raw Food Romance 30 day meal plan. I had downloaded the 52 to a new you but my crappy computer crashed. At the moment they keep trying to adjust my thyroid medication. I’m 62 and when I was 21 I brought my weight down from 160 to 110 and felt amazing. It was raw foods that did it. Every one was against my way of eating back then. Who knew?!!

  15. Amazing. I haven’t seen a video that touched my heart like this one. Thank you so much! I’m going Vegan. I have the same reaction to anything salty and weigh now 447. I was up to 503, but have had a nutritionist I see for about 4 months now. This is the push I needed. Thank you Lissa. Sincerely, Lisabeth

    1. Awww hun I am so happy for you!! Great decision! I do hope you can find a healthy way 🙂 Keep going and know that you are treating yourself with the top respect by eating the healthiest foods!! xoxox

  16. wow.. your story sounds very similar to mine. thank you for sharing this!! nice to hear that you’re well now! ✌

  17. How do you deal with the candida now,,don’t you eat fruits? When I eat lots of fruits I tend to get breakouts

    1. Darlene olivencia I don’t have any candida problems anymore and I eat TONS of fruit. It’s fat thats the problem. It keeps sugar in the bloodstream which feeds yeast. Check out my candida video!!!

  18. you’re amazing. I’m glad I found your site. I have lost 100 lbs, but did it eating high fat high protien low carb. I have been miserable! I have 50 lbs left to go and have been raw vegan for 2 weeks and I love it! thanks for sharing.

    1. I LOVE THIS!!! Yes – I was so miserable trying to cut my calories and bored out of my wits. You would think a high fat diet would be awesome considering we love fats, but it’s so boring… and dehydrating… and constipating… and lacking nutrition! So many reasons why I disagree with low carb stuff.

  19. Great video, but… I really wish when I search “Lissa’s Raw Food Romance and anxiety and depression” on YouTube, something specific came up. I’ve watched all of your videos, but it’s hard to remember (because there are so many great videos) which videos you share your experiences with anxiety and depression. I’m trying to find some of these videos for my niece who is really struggling right now and believes she’s going to be this way forever. I know from personal experience with raw that it’s not true, that raw breaks the cycle. But I still struggle with raw and have backslid big time. Just getting back on track the last few days, so she needs to see a better example until I can be a good example again. Would it be possible to create a video specifically on anxiety and depression, even if it’s just editing together everything you’ve said about it in other videos? Then title it Anxiety and Depression, so we can search it? This has come up over and over again.

    1. Awww I can do one special for you hun! 🙂 I have stories about my anxiety – I will add that to the list for sure. <3 much love!

  20. OMGoodness this has helped me so much! This was definitely me! Thank you so much for sharing. I have been following your vids now for a month and love, love them! Finally I figured out why I was always hungry eating raw — it was too much fat! Thanks again!

    1. SOOO HAPPY you are loving my channel!! xo Glad that I could help with the fat issue!! I know that was mine too!

  21. Gosh Lissa, I’m caught on the edge of being raw. Still having steamed veggies and chips and bread!! I am planning to do your 30 day plan for the month of January and vlogging on my channel. Thank you for being an inspiration to me, each time I watch one of your videos the message gets a little bit further into me… I have to do this! My food and alcohol addictions are ruining my life yet it’s so hard letting go. Xx

  22. Thanks for being so honest and candid in your video. Falling off the diet thing is my downfall and the buying veggies and them going off it a massive one too. I feel so ashamed when I do that. Being cold sounds like you might have been hypothyroid. Thanks again.

    1. I think my metabolism fixed itself while eating a raw vegan diet because I am no longer cold. Either that or my thyroid works more efficiently now too, could be a combination of both. Don’t feel ashamed. Start shifting your focus to positive healthy abundance when you start to feel regrets

  23. Hey Lissa! The pic where you show the side of your thigh before and after I noticed you had darker pigmented hair follicles but the after pic your legs are are beautifully smooth with no hair follicle pigmentation. Did your hair follicles change? Odd question but I can really relate to your before legs and have always been subconscious about my hair follicles. Some women’s are smooth while others are like raise darker bumps. Thanks in advance and I hope I don’t sound crazy.

    1. Iamalady I think the follicle bumps are much less noticeable now for sure my skin became much smoother. It could also be because I had just shaved in the after photo, but my skin is much nicer now compared to before. So it’s most likely both.

  24. Happy 2017! If you got the time, give my channel a quick Visit! All the Best for the New Year!

  25. I’m just restarting a raw food lifestyle and I’m getting so much inspiration from your videos. Thank you!!! I’m listening to you speak about how you used to eat and how you felt physically and mentally and it’s like you’re telling MY story. I’m so looking forward to feeling better even more so after watching this video.

    1. Awww I hope you can start to feel better!! Remember to eat enough variety and get all that good nutrition! Helps so much on the journey!

  26. OMG!! This is me!! If you have a moment I would like to share my story – I was born with a bowel issue that lead to many bowel surgeries in my life. I’m 30 years old and deathly afraid to end up back in the hospital. At 27, I ended up in the ER with severe abdominal pain. It was a large ovarian cyst. That was removed but they kept popping up in the ultrasounds. It was devistating. Because of my bowel surgeries at birth, my whole reproductive system was a mess. My husband and I agreed to doing In Vitro Fertilization. I got pregnant which was amazing!! The day I had my daughter, they had to remove her prematurely via cesarean and I was operated on for 4 hours. My bowels were not in the correct position and some of my bowels were removed because the surgeon accidentally cut into them while trying to save my daughter. My liver, kidneys and spleen were all enlarged. The surgeons said I had so much scar tissue, they couldn’t find my ureters and the one fallopian tube I had. I had about 9 blood transfusions and was sent to intensive care. It was a disaster. I had fully recovered 8 months later. I’m so incredibly grateful to have my little angel here with me. She’s my everything!. <3 Now I want to focus on my health so I can grow old with my husband and watch our daughter grow. I don't want to end up back in the hospital and my doctor said as long as I keep my weight under control, I should be fine. I think I have anxiety and post traumatic stress because I think and worry about my health and future constantly. Thank you for sharing this video. I'm going to do my research and hopefully ease my way into this amazing diet! I need this! Thank you!

    1. I was cold when I ate cooked foods because I was calorie restriciting. If you don’t provide the calories for your body to burn, you will get cold. I don’t buy all organic, you don’t have to. I’m not sure why people think they are forced to have to eat organic. I do just fine eating mostly conventionally grown produce. I do try and get organic when it’s on sale or a good price, but I never go out of my way to buy it. I have a transition guide, meal plan and recipe e-books here on my e-store

    1. Why is this a thin? It does because families eat the same things 😉 Cancer can certainly run in families that eat animal products.

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