1. Tell me you got those hasbrowns from the Dollar Tree?! Ours has them in pack of about 6-7 and they are amazing!

    1. I’d love for you to try the Dt ones and let me know your take on them. They are JUST like McDonald’s.

    2. No those are from Aldi’s its a ton of them in a package for about 3 bucks. They are exactly and so good!!

  2. Thanks for keeping it real. We don’t all eat as healthy as we should. BTW, I love these real life videos your doing….more please!!!!

    1. Thank you!!!! You’re comments is super special to me. I really am trying to show a more personal side, so Im really glad you’re liking them!

  3. yay! always will be a fan. your a mom like me so i love hearing your ideas on everything. i definitely keep my eyes open for the next video 🙌

  4. Ahhh! Great video! Your ice cream looks so good!!! How did you make it? Just added the milk? Thanksss!!

    1. Yes just milk and kind of stir it but it’s thicker then a milkshake and so so yummy! Thanks for watching Maya -hugs

  5. Absolutely LOOOOOVED this!! You, your babies, the food, the vibes! It was all amazing and wonderful and entertaining and joyful ^___^

  6. So much hate for vegans in the comments section! Not everyone who eats healthy is “fake” or “following the hype”. I obviously don’t mind watching all types of what I eat in a days, being that I LOVE Sarah’s videos, but the negativity is overwhelming. What’s wrong with positive vibes and supporting everyone’s diet choices, and being confident in your own choices without shaming others?? 🙂

    1. Also, I wanted to ask! What are the benefits of drinking your water with Himalayan salt?? I’ve seen a few people talk about this, and I have some here at home and have been meaning to do it myself.

    1. the videos are not fake or real, some peopke are healthier than others. some poeple wanna promote different lifestes…

  7. You look way skinnier for what you eat and I think you look really pretty too😊p.s. If this comment sounds offensive I’m sorry it was supposed to be a compliment

    1. I dont have much longer to eat like this, I know the pounds are coming. I gotta get it together, but I just love to eat snacks. lol total snacker here. Thanks for watching -hugs

    1. No it’s a disclaimer for people, like yourself, that are looking for vegan meals. If you’re proud to be Vegan, props to you. I’m proud of things like my kids, my husband, my myself…

    1. Will do. Its hard to remember what I used, but I try and share in a get ready with me video, coming soon. Thanks for watching gorgeous -hugs

  8. Not trying to be annoying, but have you ever considered going vegan? You don’t even have to be a healthy vegan. I myself am more of a junk food vegan 😉

    1. You’re not being annoying. No I dont think I’ll ever become vegan. I see where they are coming from, especially with the milk, but I right now it’s not something I’m considering.

  9. Just because something is different from what you eat doesn’t mean “it’s not real”.I like this video because of its honesty (and yummy food!) but I idk why people get so annoyed at vegans/vegatarians? 😀

    1. Sensational Finds I agree!People who claim they can fill up on lettuce or smoothie are not to be trusted

    2. It’s not the vegans that are annoying. It’s the what I eat in a day videos, when people purposely stage meals that are “tumblr” worthy and not realistic. They show things that are just pretty and not real. I can only speak for me, I really dont care about vegan/non-vegan but I put it in the title to make it very clear to those that are vegan, that they probably dont want to watch. Believe me friend at 31 years old, I’m fully aware that people eat differently but I also know that Youtube is full of fake people that make “real life” seem unattainable to some.

  10. thanks can you plz make more video like this but mon thur sun for a month that way I could follower it thank you god bless you and your family

  11. I don’t really have meals. I just eat when I’m hungry. The food I eat usually consists of cereal, apples, fruit bars, cheese, & Ritz.

  12. Yup still my favorite! I do personally eat a plant based diet though primarily for health reasons. But girl to you! Coffee is life LOOOOL!

  13. just wanted to say thank you for putting “not healthy” in the title. so many people (even some vegans) are making these videos and claiming their diet is healthy and I dont think that it is okay to promote your diet as healthy when its dangerous for your health…

  14. Thank you for being real! Some of these what I eat in a day videos make me feel bad because I really struggle with eating healthy

    1. It is a real struggle! Im glad I can share my struggles with people like you, that can relate! Thanks for watching!

  15. Great video 🙂 I’m a very healthy person but even I don’t eat like most of the “what I eat in a day” Videos out there. So unreal and only for the gallery nothing realistic. Cudos to you!

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