61 thoughts on “Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

  1. I seriously need to make these cookies. I don’t live in America so I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but I’m definitely trying out those carrots for Christmas! I usually do seitan rather than tofu for Holiday meals 🙂

  2. US thanksgiving is a big deal and it’s on the fourth Thursday in November. We have a while to go but I want to make all of this right now!! YUM 😋

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    2. I don’t know why it’s not working! I just copied the recipe into the description so it’s there now 🙂

  3. YoU have the best ideas . YoU inspire my so much , im from México and i the only one vegan in my Home ,its sad but i dont care , saludos desde tijuana 😀

  4. I recently made your cookies, but I used peanut butter instead of almond butter. they tasted like pb cookies instead of “spice” cookies. still very good and I will be definitely making them again 🙂

  5. I can’t find the comment I left on doing a video on Tempeh since there are so many questions. Maybe u could add Seitan to the video too. I love it, especially the teriyaki flavored.

  6. I have to spend Thanksgiving with family in the south (United States) and they certainly won’t understand my vegan diet.. being vegetarian was hardly bearable in the past! These ideas will definitely help me out so I can make a little feast of my own, thank you!

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  7. Ugh I hate carrots 😂 but I’m definitely trying the tofu cutlets 😩😩😩 they look soooo good ❤️

    1. The Organized Author I love her recipes! They are all so great and super easy! Loving your channel as well hun!

  8. Great video!
    I’m canadian and yes thanksgiving is also a big deal for us 🙂 I made so many vegan dishes for my family to try. They enjoyed them so much that they want recipes and to try cooking their food with more colour. 🙂
    I’m so tired so I thought when you said thanksgiving is this weekend that you were talking about American thanksgiving. I’m watching oct 30 and thought this was a new video too. Hahaha. So I was like I am not American but I thought their thanksgiving was much later than the first weekend of November. xD

  9. I’m dying to make all of this right now (except it’s 1am) 😩 Maybe I’ll make some of these for Thanksgiving! They look sooo good!

    1. AJ Quiday health food stores like down to earth, whole foods, and if not there try on amazon or online shops 🙂

  10. I just want to say that I’m in LOVE with mashed potatoes and I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant just before Thanksgiving last year and they tried to make mashed potatoes with beef stock and it was disgusting and those look delicious 😍

  11. it’s only America and Canada that celebrates thanksgiving 🙂 but I love watching videos like this cus for the good recipes for winter and fall. I live in Sweden btw

  12. guys i love this channel sooo much and its so inspiring and i really want to be vegan however im pregnant and i keep craving all sorts of bad unhealthy stuff please help if like literally three people tell me i should be vegan im just going to do it lol 😃❤

  13. OMG just want to fly to Canada just to get a ton of maple syrup. We don’t have much maple syrup in Australia (imported, very expensive in specialty stores), and every time I watch your videos I crave maple syrup.

  14. I’m not even vegan but I love your channel and I really want to try some of your recipes! Keep up the great work ❤

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