22 thoughts on “Truth Behind New Zealand ‘Sheep Video’

  1. Urgh the apathy is disturbing. I’m sorry at the negative attention you received : ( … hopefully it stops. Regardless, keep doing your thing though, because it’s good <3 and you're inspirational.

  2. Thank You Thank You Thank You !! Beautiful video, beautiful to see you speak out on this matter ! These people got so triggered by your video because it essentially confronts the totally disconnected view they have and have had for generations on other living beings. They are so scared to face that reality, and that’s why some will respond like they did. It’s essentially an act of desperation. What you’ve done is so so valuable!

  3. I still can’t get over those messages you received. I would not have blamed you if you felt you had to get out of NZ asap. I truly hope you are ok.

  4. I hope you’re OK. I saw some of the comments that people left. People are so cruel sometimes. They see someone hurting and their instinct is to try to cause them more pain? It’s sad.
    A positive outcome for me at least is that I found your awesome channel. 🙂 Keep doing what you’re doing. <3

    1. Thanks so much, @sandcat !! Thankfully I’m 100% okay and feeling better as time passes on the matter. I appreciate the kind words. <3

  5. Hi Kirsten!
    I’m a Kiwi Vegan here in Wellington and just want to extend my apologies in regards to the backlash to your video. It’s so unfortunate that despite the fact that we are a generally open minded society, the practice of farming animals appears exempt from the forward thinking attitudes Kiwis usually express towards many other controversial issues.
    It is hard and I’m so sick of hearing about the aggressive attitudes many New Zealanders express against a lifestyle rooted in nothing other than compassion and peace 🙁
    Anyway, I really hope you had some other great experiences to balance such an awful one … if you are still here in NZ or return one day, feel free to contact me! I and other members of the Vegan community here would love to welcome you warmly xx

    1. Hi @irini arathimos – Thank you *so* much for the kindness. I definitely had some great experiences as well. The Vegan Vibes event in the Mount (and the organizers of that event) was awesome and so fun. I also had a lovely time back in Auckland my last few days there. And I definitely met some wonderful people. Those that reached out (like you!) also help me out so much in working through it all. Thank you again! <3

  6. Thanks for this Kristin. I was so embarrassed and ashamed of my country when I saw those hateful comments. Just know that a LOT of us think you’re awesome person doing cool things. I think the venom you experienced is actually indicative that the vegans of NZ are actually making headway and that veganism is gaining mainstream acceptance. Sadly, it probably has to be expected that in a nation who’s economy is so centred on animal agriculture, there will be some people who feel defensive by the progress we’re making. But even I was shocked by HOW NASTY some of the comments were. I’m glad you know that we’re not all like that. All the best for your future travels. 🙂

    1. Hi @carl scott – Yes I think you’re so right. Change is scary and challenging our own beliefs or even considering that something that’s been done for generations is either no longer a necessity or even “right” to do these days, an be very difficult to consider and accept. Thanks for your support and kind words!

  7. I’ve not seen the video but I just wanted to say that sometimes just the fact that we’re Vegan offends people just by choosing to be Vegan we challenge what some people see as normal so they find anyway to lash back. In my dream world people would disagree with each other respectfully but in the real world that is rare

  8. It just goes to show that all vegans are lacking something, mainly in the brain department. Especially you. Go and have a big steak, medium rare.

    1. I thought it was perfect. Thanks for all your great work, Kristin. It is really wonderful and obviously very important that you came to Aotearoa to share some time and real food with people of conscience and good taste.
      It is obviously very sad that other people felt justified in being criminally obnoxious and threatening; it goes to show what bad taste some animal product eaters have.
      I hope you are recovering/recovered well from all the needless negativity, and, I really hope you come back again sometime soon as a guest of honour at a non-stop nation-wide veggie fest!

  9. I’m not going to name call or make threats. That kind of behaviour is so low. If you can’t make your point without stooping low then I choose not to listen until someone can be reasonable in their counter arguments.

    Lets state my position. I have no problem with your choice as a vegan. It doesn’t offend me in the slightest and I can understand and respect how someone make that choice. That’s your personal choice. As long as someone has considered their choice carefully I’m fine with that choice. Most vegans and vegetarians have thought deeply on these matters and made they choice that they feel most comfortable with.

    However… I’ve grown up on farms in New Zealand. I’ve seen farmers care for their animals. I’ve seen animals sent off to be slaughtered and I’ve seen animals being sent to a different farm. No good farmer wants the animals stressed or inhumanely treated. Your original video didn’t point out any uncomfortable truth that I shy away from.

    Are things perfect? No. Could they be better? Always. On the whole are conditions for farm animals better in New Zealand than most other countries? Absolutely.

    Of course in the shipping of livestock they can “refuse to transport any vehicle considered to be unsafe for, or presenting a risk to, the animals it carries.”

    I’m not here to say you weren’t right to have the feelings you had. Just be aware that there are people who do care and that we should be careful not to condemn an entire industry without all the facts. Animals do get transported around from farm to farm. It happens everywhere around the globe. It’s up to the transport companies and everyone involved to get those animals from point-to-point in as good a condition as possible.

    I’ve seen animals be sold from one farm to another because the conditions on the first farm wasn’t good for the animals and they were far better off on the new farm. I think it may have sounded like you were condemning a whole country because of animal transportation.

    Can people be vegans and still be causing harm to come to animals? Sure can. All of us can. Anyone does whom consumes a product from farms located where animals were needlessly harmed and killed when the forests were cleared. It’s one reason I personally try and avoid consuming palm oils for example. I also support research into using less harmful chemicals in the growing of plants so that it doesn’t harm the wider environment. I also support low impact, sustainable and harmonious growing practices. So I think quite a few people on both sides drew up clear battle lines when the truth was far more murky and nuanced.

    It seemed to me to be “I’m right and everyone else is wrong” on both sides… instead it should have been. “Hey things could be better… lets have a rational and peaceful chat and see what we can do.” 🙂

  10. I still dont get what was the problem exactly? you found it upsetting that animals were being transported? you thought it better that they were left on bad pastures to die of starvation?

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