1. Hey I’ve just come over form Jaclyn’s channel. I love your positivity!
    This is a little off topic, but I was wondering weather you’ve heard of the Onions Knight’s a request for action in the upcoming US election: I would really love you to discuss Vegan voting: if possible 🙂

  2. Don’t be mad at me, but the weekly thing is not for me. Love the “What I did in a day?”, cause of the informal recipes.

  3. Lauren, I have to tell you…I called my boyfriends parents cat Snickle yesterday! Their cat is named Sneaker/yogi and is also orange and white so it just sort of came out “Hey Snickle- I mean Sneaker!” I told my boyfriend your cat is internet famous, hence the confusion.

  4. congrats on your VEGA commercial I just saw it and knew it was you right away from your voice. wicked! loving your movement 🙂

  5. I watched the Climate episode on Chelsea as well and was disappointed meat/dairy wasn’t brought up. She just seemed to be really interested in reducing her carbon footprint and I can’t help but think there are corporate reasons why she didn’t mention reducing meat consumption. What do you think?

  6. Omg Lauren I started like tearing up with the Snickle snuggle footage lmaooo I love him so much 🙁 there’s a cat around our neighbourhood who’s the long haired version of Snickle and he always says hello and makes my day!

  7. Snickle is so cute! Just a funny little bit of knowledge Snickle (written Snikkel) is also another word for male genitals in Holland XD

  8. I’m not a cat person but I could totally own snickle! He seems like such a nice cat. All the cats I know are jerks! Lol

  9. I would LOVE to go to a cooking class that you teach!!! This is a great idea to make a weekly vlog!! I’m in love with Snickle!! Have a wonderful week 🙂

  10. “See – I’m not a fuckin’ snob!” Bahahaha. 😂😂😂 “Tell your fuckin’ kids to get a job, they’re like 15!!!!”

  11. Before I was totally 100% obsessed with Lauren, but now it’s all about Snickles!!!! Love you both so much!!

  12. Just curious, but who was your cooking demo for? Potential advertisers/brand partners? Hope it went well ^_^

    1. yes, it was organized for something called Future Festival and Kin Community did everything to put it together with myself and Abbey doing separate demos!

  13. Hi Lauren! I really enjoyed watching this vlog, as I do all your videos! You are so real and normal, I think that is part of the reason why I like watching your videos. And oh my… the parts where you cuddle with snickles are the best!!! Sooooo cute, I’m not a cat person at all but you two are adorable together. Good luck with everything and don’t forget to chill! xx

  14. Snickles is so damn precious I can’t stand it. I am freakin loving how many appearances he made in this vlog. #MORESNICKLES 😍

  15. what do you feed your cat? i’d love to get a cat but conflicted as to what to feed it…..(i’m vegetarian)

  16. I love these vlogs 🙂 Could you please help me out though Lauren I was searching your videos trying to find the brand of the reusable jar lid that I think you got at some kind of function. Do you know which vlog it is or what brand it is? I want to ask for it for Christmas 🙂

  17. Snickles is the most chill cat. Does he ever even meow!? Lol. When mine kitty is hungry or wants me to get up, she lets me know it by meowing or bonking me on the head haha.

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