9 thoughts on “Visiting Jerusalem and the Palestinian Territories

  1. Aww happy anniversary you guys (and birthday to you, Giselle)! I’m also totally diggin’ the pizza and ice cream choices. 😉

    1. Thanks so much Kristin!! We were going to go with Falafel and Hummus, but it’s safe to say we wanted to try something new.

  2. Once again, kudos to you two for choosing to visit and highlight Palestine. That first shot of the wall was startling to say the least.

    1. Reportedly, this wall saved a lot of lives and sobered the brains of quite a few individuals, preventing – impeding them from becoming shakhids… Though, of course, any kind of travel impediment is very unnerving and unpleasant…

    2. I felt that way with the DMZ when I was in South Korea. It was chilling for more than just the fact that it was winter. 🙁

    3. Thanks so much for taking the time to watch the video Ryan. It is a pretty shocking sight when you are there and see how big the wall actually is. 🙁

  3. …Very, very, very regrettably some individuals treated the freedom of movement as the shahid belt borderless exercise… Very gruesome… …You had some very interesting foods in your vlog, by the way… Let us hope one day there won’t be any borders anywhere in the World all over the Planet!

  4. It’s really great that Palestinian territories have vegan options as well. I’d love to visit those places.

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