4 thoughts on “Heading back to Dahab, Egypt

    1. Hey Dylan, thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

      Well, currently we are working together with VeganTravel for the next 6 months. Back in December we entered a contest VeganTravel was hosting and we were so excited when we were announced as one of the 2016 winners. So for the next 6 months we will be working with VeganTravel showing people how to travel the world in a more compassionate way.

      Before we started working with VeganTravel we worked for a year and saved all of our money. We were able to travel for close to 2 years. Now we work for 5-6 months, purchase a one way flight, and leave Canada.
      We live a very simple lifestyle, have no debt, or mortgage, and are not big consumers. You would be surprised how much money you can save when you stop buying stuff you really don’t need 🙂

  1. Ahh what a beautiful vid, you guys! Loved this one. Totally sucks about the visas but stoked you got it sorted relatively fast. <3

    1. Thanks Kristin! Always happy seeing your comments.
      Yeah it did suck but that’s what happens sometimes. Just need to figure it out and move on 🙂

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