1. THE CURRY NOODLES LOOKS SO GOOD OMG!! does change the taste if I don’t add the peanut butter? bc where I live we don’t use really peanut butter

  2. The curry recipe with the rice noodles were amazing. First week going vegan and I am absolutely in LOVE with this recipe. Thank you 😚

  3. liv I made the vegan cream cheese cookies. they spread out a little when I baked them but they were so good. I used newmans oreo cookies for the recipe, and I also used daiyas vegan cream cheese! so good. I was going to ask you if you would recommend using almond butter for the cookies.

  4. man…..tofu be looking like chicken…..but it ain’t!! lol I need chicken so I’ll substitute the tofu for chicken. chicken is real good. lol. sorry vegans….I don’t even know how I got here. lol

    1. i know you can probably find barbeque sauce without ketchup in it, but are there not ketchup in barbeque or what?

  5. are the curry noodles very spicy? I’m a little bit sensitive to spice so just looking for a heads up in case I need to alter the recipe at all 🙂

    1. most curries is actually more sweet than spicy but you do want to make sure you don’t get the spicy kind

  6. I don’t mean to sound dumb but, tofu does not contain nuts correct? I am HIGHLY AND SEVERELY allergic to nuts that even touching it can give me a horrible reaction. The first recipe looks so good, so I’m not sure if I could eat it. Also what about nutritional yeast? I can’t eat any vegan cheese because it is made from nuts or they use coconut oil, which I’m also allergic too. Sigh.

    1. nessa grace tofu is made out of soy its 100% nut free but read the ingredients before buying to make sure

  7. i’m a student who’s a vegetarian and want to transition into veganism, but vegan products ARE JUST TOO GODDAMN EXPENSIVE OMG 😢😢

  8. I recently started a vlog and I was wondering how you made your intor and where you got the music!! I love your videos!

  9. Hey! im not vegan, but im looking to eat healthier that what i did before, stop eating cow or chiken daily is one of hat steps, eating more fish and veggies is well too but im kinda dummy to cook them it allways taste the same… so i started to see your vids to make my veggies diferent, or that days where i dont want to eat meat, the sweet dishes that dont need flour or sugar things that im trying to avoid too… im really happy by finding your channel! you have all my support! <3

  10. It seems you have a very salt-based flavor preference- I’ve been looking for some good sauces and I saw your recipes. Thought I would try.

    I didn’t really like the General Tso’s. Very salty and I felt like I couldn’t alter the flavor too much? Everything I tried, it still just tasted like soy sauce.

    However, I LOVE the curry noodles. I’ve come back and made them bunches of times now. It was flexible enough that what seasonings you put in mattered to the taste. I tried with my own mix (chili powder, paprika, and basil) and curry powder. I want to mess with the flavors more. 🙂

    Thanks for your recipes! I look forward to making so many more soon. Especially the desserts. 😉 Haha! Always a sucker for dessert.

  11. These recipes are incredible and I am having a lazy day today so I am so happy I found your channel. Have a lovely day!

  12. I discovered your chanel a few days ago and I really love your recipes, speacially the easy ones 😊 I’m not vegan but most of my meals are full of vegs so…I will cook your recipes soon. Thanks and keep going 😘✌

  13. do we have to use vegan ingredients for the cookie recipe? or any other other recipe in General? I’m not vegan but I enjoy these videos and would like to try some of the recipes without having to go to the store to specifically get vegan ingredients

  14. I tried the curry noodles the other day — so so good. I replaced the almond butter with coconut milk/ cream and used glass noodles instead of rice noodles which gave it a slightly different texture – but it turned out soo creamy. yum

  15. we don’t have any vegan milks, vegan alternatives like cheese and butter.. and ofc no meat alternatives.. and no maple syrup.. FFS

  16. your eyes and your hair are perfect together, I love your intro, you pillow at the back is fabulous and your recepies are yum

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