7 DAY VEGAN CHALLENGE MEAL PLAN (Easy, go-to recipes)

56 thoughts on “7 DAY VEGAN CHALLENGE MEAL PLAN (Easy, go-to recipes)

  1. I’m going to have to start meal prepping because I don’t like cooking (I can cook, I just don’t want to) so I end up eating too much processed food and not enough veggies.

  2. I love your videos. You’re making it easier for me to transition into a vegan diet. I really appreciate it. 👍 Keep up the good work!

  3. I don’t eat mock meats too often, usually around American Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I don’t have a full English breakfast very often. More often I will have Heinz beans on toast. Cheap, lazy, and vegan. 🙂 Thank you for everything you do for us vegans and potential vegans. Keep up the great work and keep being your wonderful self!

  4. When I tried to make those pancakes it basically just turned into me fryng porridge on the pan…. How can I avoid this?

  5. Why are people even giving into calling cheese gary? It’s literally cheese…. Just made with a different milk lol. are meat eaters calling their cheese gary too?

  6. You are meal prep goals 💁🏻✨ Amazing work as always, love how you’re always making veganism easy and accessible 🙂

  7. THIS IS A LIFESAVER I’m a nutrition major and got assigned a healthy thrifty meal planning assignment like three weeks ago but procrastinated on it so badly and it’s due in 6 days and I haven’t started it yet!!!! SO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. I’ll definitely be taking some inspiration from it- not copying obviously, because the assignment is for a family of four. but THANKS AGAIN this just saved my ass so much from failing I LOVE YOU

  8. This can be the best guidebook to weight loss which i have ever uncovered. We lost over Almost 8 lbs, I could not believe in my eye, I feel very happy now. My partner and i only wish I`d searched Google for the diet plan “vivi awesome plan” earlier – it would have saved me personally totally wasting so much time on inferior products.

  9. I am trying to go vegan for the first time and I’ve been watching your videos and they’re honestly extremely helpful! I just don’t know where to start with what to eat so I appreciate your videos!

  10. I did the 30 day vegan challenge.. the last two days i did eat some dairy and “meat” which doesn’t smell/taste like before? Whats the reason that I am disgusted to every kind of meat. I feel like crap.

  11. What is hard for transition is meal sizes! Like, i would eat it all until its gone none of this left over business .
    And that is a hard habit for me to stop.

    What your suggestion/ opinion on meal sizes, how can one reduce the size from elephant serving to human serving?

  12. I’ve been away for a bit and you have changed your intro music. Just don’t change your name to Bob and grow a fro 🙃🌱

  13. hi. vegetarian for… mm 23 years… went vegan this year.. and soooo happy i found your channel. i made your green curry tonight and YUMM!!
    so .. thanks! ♥

    1. Greg Robertson Have you tried Burmese tofu? It’s made with chickpeas instead of soy and it’s delicious. Might work better for you if you have a soy sensitivity.

  14. You girl are AMAZING!
    I’m 22 years old and Im married, my husband is very happy since I clicked on one of your so helpful videos! Everything’s tasty I tried a lot of your recipes and my god never unhappy!
    Keep goin!

  15. I was Vegan for a good year and a half, and then I got pregnant. I have anemia, and everyone was freaking out saying I needed to eat meat. Wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt myself and the baby, I started getting into meat again. NOT PRETTY! I was vomiting, unsatisfied, and grossed out. I gave up, and told my doctor I just couldn’t do it. She gave me iron supplements, but, my girlfriend now wants to go vegetarian! She has been vegetarian for 5 days now, and she feels great. I seriously recommend doing the Vegan challenge, JUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE PREPARED!

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