8 thoughts on “Tour of Naples, Italy and Pompeii

  1. Great! Belissimo!!! But what about vegan Margarita pizza? I heard, Naples is famous for its crusty delicious Margaritas…

    1. Grazie! That would have been awesome to find, but the only pizza we had was the one in the video with loads of veggies!

  2. Hi Ladies. Looks like you had a fun time, however this Vegan Travel video is unfortunately extremely vegan light on information. I searched the Le Tre Botti website for vegan wine and none came up so I am guessing the wine you drank was not vegan. So what exactly is Vegan Travel selling us? Confused? I am. Are you girls actually vegan?

    1. Thank you for bringing the question of the wine in this video to our attention. We are in the process of contacting Le Tre Botti now to see if we can gain more clarity about their offerings and winemaking processes. If we cannot confirm that the wines in this video are in fact vegan, we will make the appropriate edits to this video.

      Shae & Marissa were selected by a panel of ten ethical vegans to win our Vegans Around the World contest because of their demonstrated commitment to ethical veganism, and we trust completely in their ability to find and highlight cruelty-free, vegan options throughout their travels. This being said, we acknowledge that accidents do happen for all vegans despite our best efforts to confirm the ingredients of the things we eat or use, but believe firmly that missteps made with the best intentions should never call into question someone’s commitment to compassion and animal ethics.

    2. If what you say is true then why would you not make it clear in the video? It’s very easy to add an annotation to the video even once it has been uploaded. I don’t believe Le Tre Botti sell vegan wine or it would be labelled as such and celebrated on their website. It definitely looks like Vegan Travel is suggesting travellers visit the establishment and drink non vegan wine and that is most certainly not spreading compassion. You also did not answer my question as to whether or not you girls are actually vegan because it does not look so from here.

    3. Hi there! They may not advertise it as vegan but we let them know ahead of time that we were vegan and expressed what that meant 🙂 Also, Vegan Travel isn’t try to “sell” anything. Just spreading compassion, veganism and the ease of travel worldwide!

  3. VeganTravel would like to address a question that was raised about the wines featured at the end of this video. Our team has contacted Le Tre Botti in Italy to confirm again that the wines are vegan, and this is the response we received:

    Original Response (in Italian):
    “Ciao Marissa felice di sentirti ed onorato di entrare a far parte del VS Sito… il Mio Vino quello che avete provato nella Mia Vineria Aglianico e Falanghina IGP/BN è 100% Vegan quindi potete procedere e se servono altre informazioni non esitare a chiedere… l’unica parola in inglese è… Thanks! Carlo”

    English Translation (per Google Translate):
    “Hello Marissa happy to hear you and honored to join the VS site … My Wine what you have tried in is 100% Mia Winery Aglianico and Falanghina IGP / BN Vegan so you can proceed and if it needs further information please do not hesitate to ask … the only word in English is … Thanks! Carlo”

    We take this message to mean that the wines in this video are confirmed to be 100% Vegan, with no animal byproducts in either the ingredients or the refining process.

    We at VeganTravel have been constantly impressed by the endless compassion exhibited by our contest winners throughout their travels around the world. They have our full trust in their ethics and in their abilities to carefully inquire about the cruelty-free and vegan options they partake in and share during the course of their travels.

    While we greatly appreciate constructive feedback, we hope that our vegan community will work to support one another in our collective fight for a world free of the use and abuse of the amazing non-human animals we share our world with.

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