1. You have inspired me to be at least 80% raw. I also serve raw vegan family dishes several times throughout the week. We are all learning (or in my children’s cases, at least being exposed to) a better way.

  2. She did a mexican stereotype, an italian stereotype, but no chinese stereotype…because that would racist

  3. I LOVED THIS..I loved the show….good information..I am doing it…going vegan..>>>my vegan.rouitine is >>…90 meals a month and ..>> 86 are pure vegan…I appreciate the recipes and variety…and though I have a rice maker and 1 meal a day is cooked vegan food…one day I will go fully raw….thank you..lov ….u ….oh…. so much..

  4. Hello from France Christina ! I just opened a facebook page ” My Green Kitchen ” .. and today I présent You !!!I wish you the best

  5. Everything IS bigger in Texas! Look at the size of those bouquets behind you girl! Love it! Great recipes!!! 😀 Thank you

  6. The butternut squash alfredo looks amazing. Thanks for sharing your creative raw vegan recipes. keep them coming 😋

  7. Ooh man, those taco/lettuce wraps look amazing! Definitely gonna have to make them!! 🌮🍅🍍🍋🌽🌶

  8. thank you so much for that alfredo recipe!! I just successfully made it through my first vegan day! and the alfredo was sooo good! 😍

  9. just found your channel and me and my 6 year old daughter where watching she caught me watching and was in love with the taco she now wants me to make her some. must admit they do look super delicious 😀 x

  10. Hi Kristina, thanks to spread vegan love all around the word! your Italian accent is so funny but realistic!
    i just want to ask you if this amount of food should be for one person, I mean one portion for each recipie… they look huge!

  11. I love all three and I will try all three. I have already had the zucchini with the mango topping so the Butternut Squash Alfredo will be just as easy and just as good. You are so talented with your ideas and i especially love the romaine lettuce leaves and the veggies and fruit inside too easy.

  12. great stuff. I’m not vegan. pescatarian. but I try to eat mostly veggies. and occasionally dairy… but my husband was thinking of going raw… my only question– don’t you miss warm meals??

  13. i didn’t hear you say, that these foods are ORGANIC.

    if people are eating mass quantities of HERBICIDE, PESTICIDE, FUNGICIDE, PRESERVATIVE, INSECTICIDE filled foods, it is in no way “healthy.” it’s like spraying your food with RAID and then, munching down on the poison.

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