53 thoughts on “EASY VEGAN DESSERT RECIPES + Free Gift!

    1. anastasia kef
      thank you 🙂 but is this for the small or for the big one?
      because she used two different i think

  1. those look amazing all of it does! I saw Justin’s peanut butter on shark tank I was wondering how it tasted! But I think I might have to give this a try.

  2. I’m not vegan but I like her videos because I like to try vegan and organic thing, but she is kind of annoying with saying vegan this and vegan that.We know your vegan and obviously everything you use is vegan.Not trying to be mean love the video

  3. these cookies are the freaking best cookies i’ve ever eaten!!! Honestly so glad I found you, because since going vegan (only a month ago)my motivation for baking (my hobby) has decreased because I felt quite stuck, non of my favourite recipes were vegan, all including butter, milk and eggs, but now I have found these! And they’re EVEN BETTER THAN ALL THE NON VEGAN ONES I’VE EVER HAD!! And on top of that, my dad who is sort of anti-vegan and doesn’t like desserts or sweet things at all, ate one, and asked if he could have another! thanks so much!

  4. i just recently discovered your channel and i’m already in love! 🙈 your recipes are amazing and you seem to be a very lovely person – love from germany 💓

  5. I made the cookies for the 3rd time this week OMG THEY ARE SOOOOO GOOD!!!! no joke, I’m not exaggerating, they’re actually amazing and are more like brookies then cookies! 😊

  6. For everyone wondering whether to use white sugar, brown sugar, or coconut sugar I just made the cookies with brown sugar and they turned out so perfect. They look exactly like they do in the video and they taste great!

  7. I did the cookie’s recipe and I’m in love with it!! I’m doing it again today! Thank You for contributing to the Vegan community! 🌽🍊

  8. I come from a family of meat eaters and love to bake, trying to go vegan can be hard but these cookies are actually amazing!!! The recipe is so fast and are one of the best cookies I have ever tried. THANK YOU LIVE!! for helping teens like me get inspired! 😊

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