7 thoughts on “Exploring Dubrovnik, Croatia + an Off-Road Safari!

  1. Being of Croatian descent and knowing what the food and culture is like, I was anxious to see if you’d find good vegan places. The fact that you found one is fantastic! Zagreb, the capital of Croatia has much more to offer vegans, but hey, at least the fruit is in abundance! BTW the name of the vegetarian place means ‘ nothing.’ Can’t wait for more awesome vlogs. 👍

    1. SJ Calderon SJ Calderon We were warned that Croatia would be an absolute flop, so we were beyond excited! We passed by a Mexican-style restaurant than mentioned vegan options (but couldn’t find it again through the windy streets of Old Town :D) We would love to return and go to Zagreb! But oh my gosh the fresh fruit just growing off of the trees made us so happy!

  2. You can notice that Croatia is not so vegan friendly country… But every year situation is getting better. Especially in the capital. You can always find vegan option in sushi, mexican, chinese and italian places. And on the coast you can eat “blitva s krumpirom” what means swiss chard with potato and put olive oil on top. It’s delicious!

    1. It’s so awesome to hear the veganism is growing in Croatia! And that sounds SO delicious! Will have to go back to try some next time!

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