1. Everything is so quick and delicious looking but I’d advise you to wash your quinoa and lentils before cooking them (makes them more tasty and digestible)

  2. I love the one hour meal prep. As a wife and mother who runs the kitchen AND a student who works part time with only one day off in my week one could imagine how little time I have. This is perfect for me. P.S. been watching your videos for a while and you are looking more and more gorgeous. Healthy everything…whatever you’re doing keep it up!

    1. Regular peanut butter. Try mixing it well with the non-dairy milk in a separate cup, then pour on top of the oats. I have never seen powdered PB, but whenever I need PB in a liquid, I put the PB in the liquid and whisk like mad. 😀

  3. These dishes look so yum. I’m so excited about becoming a vegan. I’m starting to annoy myself and everyone around me though. It’s just such a winning way to live. I can’t see a con. I don’t even miss meat. I’m so excited!😆

  4. Would you please STOP with this beautiful hair ???? All this shine, colours and bounce are annoying, i’m flaging this video !

  5. hey. am not a big rice and noddle fan. would there be anyway you can make a videos that we can eat vegan with out using those two. thanks great help.

  6. Mmm I’m especially looking forward to making the bean salad – the dressing sounds delicious. I laughed out loud at your random lemon comment.

  7. Wow! New to your channel and these recipes look delish!!
    Thank you and I am going to try these this week!
    Stay fresh 😉

  8. Taking notes. The breakfast idea + the quinoa dish are gonna be first. Rose <3 Thank you for the amazing recipes. I tried so many great stuff all because of you!

  9. I want to ask that is pasta vegan. Most of the people say its not and i need to know. if someone can tell plz do tell me

  10. Your videos are great / useful. You also have a very uplifting attitude, thanks for making awesome videos and making Vegan life easier!

  11. Hi! Enjoying your videos so far, haven’t seen too many but wanted to say I like your look in this one best so far 🙂 This is the video that made me subscribe 😉 can’t wait to try these recipes!

  12. Quinoa is already high in protein, beans is goof for the taste but you won’t need much more protein! If you want more nutrition and taste to stay, leave the miso out until it is finished cooking, then use a mesh strainer to incorporate. miso is delicate so cooking it will loose some flavour and nutrition.

  13. for the miso soup, is there a substitute for mushroom? and what kind of tufu did you use? firm or soft?

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