10 VEGAN Thanksgiving Recipes – EASY & HEALTHY | NinaAndRanda

51 thoughts on “10 VEGAN Thanksgiving Recipes – EASY & HEALTHY | NinaAndRanda

    1. P.S. I have to correct myself. Your anti-bully “we are ugly and stupid” video had a great message, I really enjoyed that, too!

  1. I did the sweet potato and black bean chili and cornbread. They were delicious and the chili was my personal favorite. Going to have to make the sweet potato black bean chili every thanksgiving or better yet, Christmas. Thank you for these awesome recipes.

  2. I made a vegan dressing/stuffing for thanksgiving and my dad high fived me and said wow this is really really good! Also my brothers ate it too. I’m the only vegan and gf person in the family. I’m not 100% gf but I try to eat gf most of the time. Orange cranberry muffins would be good also.

  3. I’m thankful to see so many of the “younger generation” giving a damn about animals, compassion, and the environment.Β  Thank you for all you do, Nina and Randa (and your folks too!)Β  πŸ™‚

  4. I just recently became a vegan. I have been a vegetarian before but sadly had to stop, but I’m full vegan and I can’t wait to try some of these.

  5. Great food as always! Guys if you wanna see some more awesome tasty vegan recipes head to our channel and tell us what you think about them. Hoping to see you there! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜

  6. I tried the bean and sweet potato stew but with lentils instead of black beans and IT WAS AMAZING ! I also added in mushrooms and celery!

  7. I am vegetarian and 15 years old, and I want to become a vegan you’re recipes are great they help me to get the feel for turning vegan slowly.

  8. You stated saute the gravy, what did you saute the gravy with? Also what can you substitute for sugar for the cranberry sauce.

  9. The recipes look yuuuummmy, however, the captions on this video are aaaalll messed up lol. good for a good laugh;)

  10. I really enjoyed this video, I think it’s my favourite video Nina and Randa have made so far!!!!!!

  11. a random question but what kind of oats do yall eat? I normally eat quick but was wondering if you eat old fashioned or steel cut. .. love your vlogs !

  12. My friend just started a YouTube channel. (JaneOlivia) She is a vegan and loves to cook and show the world what vegan food is. I really this you should check her out and maybe give her some feedback.

  13. honestly the one in the red shirt seems to completely take over and the other has to sort of but in to speak. (unsure of who is who as i’m new to their videos)

  14. how many servings do i get following your chilli recipe? cause I really want to make it but I know I’ll be the only one eating, thanks!

  15. Your corn bread is the very first one I tried in my life, does the regular one taste that awesome? Thanks for the recipe, it’s great to eat with anything πŸ˜€

  16. I tried the chili and corn bread. I loved the flavor of the chili it was amazing. I was afraid to try the corn bread without the oil. the corn bread was awesome but my fell apart but very tasty!!!

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