59 thoughts on “FIVE MINUTE VEGAN BURGER RECIPE | Ft. The Happy Pear

  1. I enjoy your mukbang videos! Def. post more. I also post an EATING SHOW on my channel. I just started and I don’t really know how to cook but hopefully it will inspire ppl that if i can do it, they can too. ALL PLANT BASED!! ヽ/❀o ل͜ oノ

  2. I have a question about meal prep.. hope you can help me please!! It’s ok to reheat your meals on a microwave? doesnt that take nutrients off your food?

  3. That is so disgusting! Why are those ugly skinny men cooking in tanktops. You can see their pit hair. Gross and unhygienic!

    1. +greenknitter
      “its always evident when people resort to insults…” oh, eat a dick. This isn’t a debate, I don’t have to justify shit to you. I came here to express my opinion. And you did not present any “facts”, it was an opinion albeit an idiotic one. Cunt.

    2. +SpectacularVernacular I didn’t say you were, I said by American standards. I presented some facts, not a “rant”.
      I’ve seen these guys in their Happy Pear restaurant in Greystones and on TV many times. They are anything but sweaty or dirty, not that you’d know that quite obviously.
      It’s always evident when people resort to insults instead of coming up with a credible and reasoned counter argument- because insults and mud slinging is all they have to offer. Shame. Good day.

    3. +greenknitter
       I am not American. Way to look stupid on top of your ugly rant about their lack of hygiene. If they wont wear a vest in their kitchen then why show their sweaty dirty armpits to people on a public video. Go live in a puddle of shit, you silly woman.

    4. +SpectacularVernacular “Dude”, I doubt they wear vests when working in their restaurant kitchens but for a 5 minute video who the hell cares what they wear so long as it’s clean?? you don’t see anyone hosting cookery shows on TV or online with white chef jackets and hairnets on do you?!
      It’s not like working in a professional kitchen where you have health and safety rules to abide by because you’re serving the general public.
      And they’re hardly skinny. Maybe by American standards that sees obesity as the new normal, but not elsewhere.

  4. I love how these guys go off on their own little rants with each other, hilarious to watch and also great recipe!

  5. The one thing I would change is when cooking the patty I would add a slice of vegan cheese on top of it so it would melt

  6. that mushroom thing is nonsense btw, the water they’d absorb in a quick rinse is negligible. In a 5 minute soak (waaayy longerr that a rinse) 262g of mushrroms absorb just 6g of water. Just rinse and dry, as long as you don’t soak, no wwater will be absorbed.

  7. I am sorry, but how as a vegan can you condone the advertising of Boursin dairy cheeses on your channel. Surely there is a way of filter content that you morals fing unacceptable

  8. This will be my burger!!! I’ve been eating vegan for a month and I’m in a veggie burger competition…and this is the burger I’m choosing to make…wish me luck!!!!!!!! Kristin…if you’re lurking around YouTube looking for a burger: go away! This is my one!!!!!

  9. I decided to go from eating meat to becoming a vegan yesterday. I went to the store to buy the ingredients (couldn’t find nutritional yeast) but got the burger to hold together by using a bit more sesame oil (I use when making hot & spicy stir fries anyway).
    Very pleased with the taste, very filling and nutritious. I find it opens the door to experimenting with different ingredients. I am also a fan of stews and stir-fries. Will check out your website for more recipes that I can prepare and enjoy for myself and share with my children.

  10. Made these earlier and considering they only take minutes, damn tasty. I intend to take longer next time and just add a few tweaks. Thanks for the recipe.

  11. thats stupid, no. U must wash mushrooms! They already hold SO much water, the heat will evaporate all the water. Jeez, plz dont bring these idiots again.

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