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  1. Wtf are you talking about? Cruelty free? Most wild animals die horrific deaths. They are either predated or die of hunger or disease. Farmed animals have happy lives. Millions of them. They are slaughtered quickly and humanely. I hope you only mentioned this to appease the militant vegans.

  2. I like the fact its nutritionally balanced. It kind of makes life easy. Less thinking just mix and go. Also with it being completely plant based I would think I removes the worry of all the chemicals..

    1. Not long mate, but depends ultimately on your serving size. Serving sizes range between 100 – 125g depending on what you want to do, and each pack is 1.75 kg. So you have 14 to 17.5 servings per pack, at 3 servings per day this will last approx 4-6 days. Note that each order is x2 bags, so one order would last approx 8-12 days in your case

    1. Luke Sherran after 2 weeks of it. I have been feeling energized. I don’t have as much tiredness as before. It fills me up. I stopped craving sugar and junk food. I‘be noticed my skin feels better too

  3. If I do huel as a meal an after I workout can I use my regular protein shake. The. Protein shake I use is athleanx rx2

    1. Yeah you can use protein shakes alongside Huel; I used to add extra protein to mine! Just keep an eye on your total protein and calories for the day. I don’t know the RX2 shake you referred to, so I don’t know what it contains in terms of macro-nutrients and calories

  4. I’m using the black edition Huel. Which is lower in carbs. I mix 45g each of Vanilla and Choc with 50/50 unsweetened almind milk and water. Absolutely banging. My main reason is the food prep. I work long hours and sadly my better half would burn water when it comes to cooking so the culinary aspect of our lives lays on me. She is definitely a carnivore whether I started slowly coming off meat. Down to one day a week on meat meal. So using 100% vegan meal replacemnet works great for me.

    1. I shall also mention that in first week of using it indropped 5lbs on weight. I am 23st7lbs currently and to maintain i would have to est around 3500cals a day. So sticking to 5 x90g of Huel a day I created roughly around 1500 cals deficit. Win win.

    1. Thanks mate. Yes someone else called me out on that; but I’ve always liked DPD, they’ve never let me down unlike some others that I won’t name. I guess everyone has different experiences, particularly depending on where you’re based.

    1. If you drink it fast you will feel full, but it passes quickly. Drinking it slowly seems to leave you more satisfied for longer. I’ve tried all the flavours, and I liked most of them, but taste is so subjective it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily like it too. It’s on a par with most protein powder flavours

    2. if u mix it with milk and banana it will taste a whole lot better and if u blend it water and mixing it straight just tasted like dirt

    1. I’ve asked Huel about this before as I found a full pouch in my office that was 6 months past. They basically have a blanket response that says you shouldn’t consume it past it’s expiry date. It was my own product, so it was still sealed and I knew it had been kept in the right conditions. I ended up finishing it and it “seemed” fine. Whether or not I would buy expired product online is a different story…

  5. I love Huel! My plant-based journey has been made easier because of this amazing product. Thanks for the video!

  6. I subscribed you’re channel let’s see how many people reply to me.
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  7. HUEL Meal replacement ready to drink has sucralose its 600 times sweeter than sugar. You can taste the sucralose but good texture. Not the best on the market tho. Try LA stuff

  8. I use this for breakfast and skip lunch but normally snack on some fruit or nuts during the day. Then I eat dinner at night and feel healthy.

  9. So this basically means that we have a solution for the starving 815 million people on earth!
    Why isnt this big news for the world?
    It sure is a bigger achievment than a cancer cure would be.

    Well its because its a food supplement and NOT food replacement!

    1. So I’m guessing this will be very individual based on your own digestive system etc, but no, it didn’t give me “the shits”. In the first few days I found I had a little bit of digestive discomfort which passed, and then after that I was just “more regular”. I imagine this will also depend on how many servings per day you have, and how much fibre you normally consume.

    2. @Luke Sherran I used your link and got some. I’ll start with one scoop a day. See how it goes.

  10. I might give Huel a try if they come up with a keto-friendly formula. The carb load on this stuff is ridiculously too high if you’re not doing muscle building all the time.

    When your job is to program computers all day and into the midnight hours, you don’t always have the luxury of intense exercise on good equipment, and you also don’t always have the luxury of time to cook. I do keto meal prep every weekend, because I can’t reliably shred myself to weight loss.

    If Huel can crack the code on nutritional completeness in a keto-friendly way (or nutritionally pretty darn close with minimal supplements needed), I’ll give it a try. Until then, it’s a no for me.

  11. Is this really healthy for meal replacement, i am not convinced its good for you in the long run. Shelf life of a year? must have preservavtives and chemicals in. 2 shakes a day + protien shake after gym. bet you shit through the eye of a needle.

    1. I’ve done a lot of research into Huel over the years, and I’ve been pretty impressed by everything generally. I personally wouldn’t want to live on a Huel only diet, but I believe they did a 12 month Huel only experiment to test long term outcomes. Supplementing your diet with Huel however is convenient and healthy in my opinion. They have a lot ot literature on their site if you have more detailed questions, but regarding preservatives they say “Huel contains no preservatives. Huel has such a long shelf life because it is in powdered form. It is completely dry and therefore it is not possible for bacteria to grow in it whilst it is sealed as bacteria need moisture”.

  12. Great review, thank you. I’m completely new to powdered shake meals. And just ordered from Huel. My plan is to replace eating out at lunch time with a Huel shake. I’m looking to lose weight.

  13. Still using it? My Mrs wants us to try it. Used to like a protein shake but couldn’t let it replace a meal as found it was missing a few essentials

  14. I have the black edition choc Huel, 2 scoops plus Alpro choc milk and a frozen banana. Blitzed in a Nutribullet makes an amazing thick shake.
    I’ve been having that for breakfast for 8 months now and feel great on it!

  15. I think the packaging is incredibly wasteful. Thick, expensive and coloured boxes, 2 small foil bag, multiple scoops. I would prefer an option to avoid re-ordering scoops, larger bags to use less foil, and simpler delivery (not a huge black box).

  16. Even though we “can”, does that mean we “should”? What would constantly relying on powdered, refined foods do to our digestive system over time? I would think that eating a refined nutrient like this would change our internal process versus eating a dense chunk of broccoli, which requires more work to break down. Of course, I’m uneducated and may know nothing about anything but this is a good question. What will happen after years of reliance on this easily accessible product?

    1. I haven’t tried the savoury products yet, but I’ve heard good things! Definitely want to try the Thai Green Curry…

  17. I am very bad at cooking and preparing healthy food. And I work a lot of odd hours so it’s hard to find time to cook healthy. I don’t like the idea of replacing solid food entirely. But I’m thanking of using this for my lunch and dinner at work. And then having a good breakfast and snacks throughout the day. Hopefully it helps me lose weight since I won’t be eating bad fast food as much.

    1. I can’t compare them, as I don’t have any experience with Garden of Life. However, taking a quick look at their website I can only see protein powders (vegan/keto/sport/whey). Huel is more of an MRP (meal replacement product) so will be much higher in calories, from carbohydrates and fats.

    2. @Luke Sherran the fact that you responded to my comment on a video that is 4 years old shows your dedication. Thank you!

    1. Well that would depend on you, your diet, lifestyle, goals etc – it would be different for everyone. This isn’t a weight loss product (although it can help with that), it’s a meal replacement product.

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