1. Jon Venus BOOOOM!
      I definitely Enjoyed This One. Gonna start packing on Size now – So I’ll make it into the 2018 Version Of This! Thanks For the Motivation

    2. hey jon, just uploaded a new food video – if you could comment again like you did a couple months back and get the views ball rolling i would be grateful beyond belief! Inspiration forever bro x

    3. Left a like, a comment, and even shared on Facebook! 🙂 Gonna check to see if you it’s on Twitter somewhere. Keep up the good work, vegan brothers and sisters!

  1. About 90% of the people in this footage are on steroids. Don’t see the point in making a vegan bodybuilding and fitness motivational video if the person is on steroids. Once you start taking them, being vegan does not matter in terms of physique. You could eat skittles all day and still make gains on steroids.

  2. Fucking LOL Vegan Gains has helped your channel how much and you won’t even include him in this. Is he just not whole grain enough?

  3. How can I convince my trainer that I can be successful and not eat meat and dairy? I keep having arguments with him and I don’t know what to do!! I love this video.

    1. Actually, Larson’s idea makes me sense. He obeys you. That’s what you pay him for.His job is to recommend, not mandate.

    2. Emmy Nicole What?! You pay him not ipposite. If you don’t want to eat meat, you don’t do that. If he doesn’t want to accept it, you should change him. Simply.

  4. Man you should have shown Vegan Gains a little more love, one of the biggest if not the biggest vegan/fitness youtube channel.

  5. Jon and Katherine, it was a big surprise for me to see Jon in this video associated to some quasi-clear “juiced” athletes ,maybe vegans, but don’t look natty! It’s a motivational video for 2017, thus in my opinion you are showing some unrealistic natural obtainable results. For the first time ever since I watch your videos and subscribed to the channel I have to give a “dislike”. Just trying to be constructive,  V/r , Thank you , Marco

  6. But where do they get their protein from?!? If not from the flesh of innocent baby animals and bovine secretions?!? – jk I’m vegan! ;P

  7. Great guys! You are inspiring, for me and my circle! We spread the message 🙂
    ahh and pleeeeease make anothr vegan hate comment clip, these made my days 😀
    Have a great time 🙂

    1. have you seen the watermelon girl? the one that broke one with her legs. He is vegan since oct 22. You can look her up on instagram as “kortney_olson”

  8. Hey, so I wasn’t growing on a vegan diet until I added coconut to a lot of the things I ate. I’m looking for other sources of saturated fat on a vegan diet and possibly any sources of cholesterol. Would you happen to know of any. Thanks for posting, your videos inspire many people.

    1. You dont need cholesterol to make gains, it does not raise testosterone levels or aid in hypertrophy. In terms of saturated fats, you can use coconut and coconut oil, foods that have trans and hydrogenated fats, such as margarine, increase cholesterol levels too, although I will not recommend eating a lot of it.

  9. BOOOOM!
    I definitely Enjoyed This One. Gonna start packing on Size now – So I’ll make it into the 2018 Version Of This! Thanks For the Motivation

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